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Lifelike 3D face scanning from a mobile device

8 Alternatives to Bellus3D

Use Capture to take 3D scans, share them with friends, or save and download them in any file format.

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3D scanners don't have to cost a fortune: As it turns out, you may already have one in your pocket. A new free app called Capture uses the TrueDepth sensors on X-series iPhones to make crude 3D models of small objects, which you can then plop into different settings through augmented reality or share with other folks through iMessage or other means.
The face camera on an iPhone X or newer can be used to make 3D scans.
It's been a sad quarter for XR hardware companies. Meta and Osterhout Design Group (ODG), which raised over 58M and 73M respectively are both on the ropes. In October Meta sent most employees home on "furlough," promising the move would be temporary as a funding event was about to occur.
iPhone-如何用相機建立-3D-模型?Capture-3D-Scan-Anything?,最近許多手機都推出 3D 建模功能,iPhone 也可以辦的到!雖然 iPhone 本身沒有內建 3...
In this week's edition of our Apps of the Week roundup, we have an AI-driven photo editor, a new news and entertainment app from Microsoft, and an app that lets you take 3D scans of almost anything. And as always, we've selected two great new games for you to check out.
As of late 2018, Apple has brought depth-sensing front cameras to six of its flagship iPad and iPhone devices, but the hardware has largely been limited to two purposes: Face ID unlocking and creating cartoony Animojis.
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Capture is a new iPhone app created by the Y Combinator-backed startup Standard Cyborg. By leveraging the sensors and cameras in Apple's newest smartphones, it allows anyone to perform 3D scans of objects and share them with buddies and colleagues. Here is how it works.
3D Printing
You simply can't have 3D printing without a 3D model. The digital modelling side of the industry is a core aspect that can present some headaches, especially for capturing objects. While 3D scanners still cost upwards of $30,000, enterprising developers are coming up with cheaper alternatives.
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Die Tiefenkamera auf der Vorderseite der iPhone-X-Modelle vermisst das Gesicht mit Infrarotlicht. Laut Apple werden dabei bis zu 50 Gesichtsmuskeln erfasst. Gedacht ist die Technologie in erster Linie für die Gesichtsentsperrung des Smartphones. Die kostenlose App "Capture" des Studios Standard Cyborg zeigt jetzt, dass mit der Tiefenkamera ganze 3D-Scans des… See more
Svět technologií se neustále vyvíjí a věci, ke kterým ještě před lety bylo nutné vlastnit drahé profesionální vybavení, jsou dnes k dispozici i běžným konzumentům. Velký kus cesty v tomto směru ušla technologie 3D skenování, která začíná být pomalu, ale jistě součástí běžných iPhonů. Jedním z nejambicioznějších nástrojů v tomto směru je iOS aplikace od...
Three-dimensional modeling used to be hard. It used to require something at least as big as the Xbox Kinect to get really high-quality scans, and you needed high-powered laser sensor systems. Now all you need is your phone and Capture. Capture is a proof-of-concept for a company called Standard Cyb...
Приложение использует инфракрасный сенсор в iPhone X или в новых XS и XR для построения 3D-модели лица. Потом программа создает текстуру модели за счет фронтальной камеры. Для этого нужно запустить приложение и медленно провести камерой по всей...
Le studio Standard Cyborg a mis au point une technologie 3D qui modélise un objet à partir d'une simple application mobile. Capture exploite l'appareil photo TrueDepth en façade de l'iPhone (X, XS/XS Max, XR) : celui-ci projette un nuage de points qui modélise le sujet.
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Voici une application qui devrait vous plaire. L'arrivée des capteurs de reconnaissance faciale sur les derniers iPhones a bouleversé le monde du jeu et des applications disponibles sur l'App Store. Nous faisons une belle découverte sur : Capture, une application de scan 3D qui utilise les capteurs de Face ID, ceux qui vous permettent de déverrouiller votre … See more
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A free API for Poly. Development in 3D made simple.

With the new Poly API, you can access our growing collection of creative commons 3D assets and interact directly with Poly to search, download, and import objects dynamically across desktop, mobile, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

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Poly, as a reminder, is a big collection of royalty-free 3D images that developers can incorporate into virtual or augmented reality apps, games, and other programs. The idea is to help creators populate their worlds with objects (either as-is or modified) to boost development speed and quality.
Google is taking its biggest step yet toward becoming an important service provider for immersive computing. The company's latest move allows people using development software like Unity and Unreal to easily bring 3D objects into their projects from a growing crowdsourced library.
Though Google's early efforts in VR and AR may not have reached the average Android user, as the company scales its vision for what augmented and virtual reality mean to its overall business, it's been devoting major attention as of late to the developers that have taken to building early experiences.
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With our launch of Poly for Unity EditorXR and Google's new Poly Toolkit for Unity, you can now import Poly models directly into your VR project. Get ready to explore thousands of 3D assets on Google's Poly that will spark your imagination and help you build great experiences.
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Full-color 3D scanning on your iPhone X (and up)

Capture full color 3D scans with TrueDepth devices (iPhone X/XS/XR). Before Scandy Pro, the brave new world of 3D was only for 3D game designers and digital artists. With Scandy Pro, everyone can create 3D content. Easy enough for novices, powerful enough for professionals.

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A demo of 4D Video / Volumetric Video streamed from an iPhone X as Scandy co-founder Cole Wiley explains Volumetric Video, the roadmap for Volumetric Video in Scandy Core, why meshes are important, and why now is the right time for Volumetric / 4D Video.
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