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7 alternative and related products to BedJet 3

BedJet 3
Sleep inducing climate control just for your bed 🛌❄️

Simple to use and beautifully designed. The award winning BedJet is the world's first ultra-rapid cooling, heating and climate control system made just for your Bed. It's silky quiet and uses just air.

7 Alternatives to BedJet 3

Head temperature control & machine learning to improve sleep

Live on Kickstarter - Moona is on a mission to help millions of people get better sleep. We are launching the first non-intrusive product that improves sleep thanks to thermotherapy. It understands your sleep patterns and regulates the perfect head-temperature - enabling you to fall asleep, sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed!

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There are a number of temperature-regulating products pitched as sleep aids you can buy already. These range from simple mattress toppers that improve air circulation under the covers to cooling gel inserts for pillows.
Moona is raising funds for Moona - Enhances sleep by regulating pillow temperature on Kickstarter! The first smart product that tracks sleep and enhances it by regulating head temperature: sleep faster, deeper and wake up naturally.
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Tokyo based Startup that makes bed linen using only natural indigo and organic cotton. Aizome Bedding is beautiful, durable and a save alternative to normal bed textiles for people with sensitive skin. Aizome is the Japanese art of dying with natural indigo, cherished for its skin-soothing properties for centuries.

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Fast Company
There's been a boom in direct-to-consumer bedding startups, with brands like Brooklinen, Parachute, and Boll & Branch entering the market with high-quality sheets at a fraction of the price of luxury brands. Today, a new Japanese brand enters the mix with a focus on organic, eco-friendly materials.
Let's review the basics: Sleep is good for your skin. Removing your makeup before bed is good for your skin. Washing your sheets regularly is good for your skin. But what about the sheets themselves? If your bedding is polyester and dyed with synthetic dyes, it could actually put more stress on your complexion, no matter how many z's you're getting.
Real Simple
The search for all-natural, hypoallergenic bedding is over. This indigo-dyed sheet set from Japan is not only good for your skin, but also extremely
Do you love indigo? Do you love your skin? Do you love the idea of crowd-funding your way to better sleep? Well look no further than the Indiegogo for Aizome Bedding. The crowd-funding campaign talks up the health benefits of natural indigo, and wants to use traditional Aizome dyeing to put this "great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory" dye on your skin wh… See more
Indigo Bedding - Through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Aizome Bedding is launching its range of organic cotton indigo bedding to promote improved skin healt...
As a sustainably minded, health conscious vegan, I'm constantly searching for ways to improve my health and protect myself from unnecessary toxic chemical contact. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. And while it doesn't absorb everything, it does absorb and incredible amount of what we touch.
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Improve your sleep at the touch of a button

Yaasa Adjustable Bed is that works with most modern mattresses. 10 year warranty and free shipping - $1299, or $85/month.

Use code producthunt for $100 OFF during checkout.

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The Sleep Sherpa
(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)Yaasa Studios has introduced an adjustable bed that actually looks cool! Adjustable bed no longer have to look like you have a hospital bed in your room. Yaasa Studios has shown that they can be a thing of beauty and make your bedroom more inviting.
Founded in 2017, California-based Yaasa Studios is a new furniture company in the sleep world that prides itself on its ability to adapt to its customers needs. In this vein, the brand's not only released a mattress, but also blankets, candles and an adjustable bed.
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