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Beam 2.0

Enjoy reddit on iOS

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Reddit App

The official app for Android & iOS. Meow.

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Go to home or r/all, and you get to see what's happening and whose fapping all over the world!
Jordan Bowman- Product manager, designer, engineer
Why Reddit is addictive ... on a subreddit
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BUT be aware that different communities have different guidelines so if you don't proceed carefully, you might get banned.
6 Alternatives to Reddit App

Reddit App 2.0

The official app for Android & iOS is all new ✨

The Reddit iOS and Android app is all new, with a big redesign focused on making the software more interactive and social. Today’s updated app introduces things like live comment feeds, in-app chat, tools for moderators and more.

MaheShrestha- GadgetFreak | Engineer | Not an ALIEN
Need to start the day with some dank memes on
Reddit today is giving its mobile apps a major upgrade - the first since their launch last year, when the company decided to take back control over the official Reddit experience on mobile - an experience that had long been available mainly through third-party clients.
The Verge
Reddit today announced a number of changes to its iOS and Android apps designed to make its mobile software a more interactive and social way of exploring the site. The biggest addition is a new user-to-user chat function, which Reddit has been testing for a few months, that's now going to be part of the company's mobile products in a public beta program.
8 Alternatives to Reddit App 2.0
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