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Bard alternatives and competitors

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Bard gives writers everything they need to create content and get paid for it.
- Have all your writing in one place
- Put exclusive content behind a paywall
- Accept monthly subscriptions and one-time donations
Get paid for the value you create.
Top Bard alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • We craft quality blog content that gets ranked on search engines, so that startup founders can focus on building great products. 😊

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    With Publoft, writer can focus on just writing great post. All other things all are handled by Publoft so writer doesn't need to manage any …

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  • Gratify is a combination of AI and humans to help you hire and work with vetted designers, developers and other experts from within your Slack workplace. Gratify minimizes the friction associated with finding technical experts for teams. Post a task, receive bids and negotiate with vetted experts all from within Slack!

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    Intuitive chat interface that solves a real problem for me: I need creatives to help a project now! With Gratify, I'm able to quickly connec…

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  • Copydue provides vetted writers, on-demand for businesses. Users request content, and Copydue's algorithms will find the best writer in their network to take on the job. In a few days, high-quality content is delivered for review. It's that seamless.

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    I've been looking for a good copywriter for a blog for several months now with no real success. I just got a 1200 word article back from Cop…

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  • Stay up to date about the latest content trends and get inspired to start creating your own content by reading your daily dose of articles, all in one tab!
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  • Umano for Writers

    Narrate your articles, reach listeners and earn money
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  • Tofu Content Marketplace

    Payment required
    Don't have time to create content for your business? Don't sweat it, Tofu makes it easy to get the content your business needs to stay ahead. Experienced writers and fast turn around times.
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  • The ultimate guide to self-publishing
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  • OpnEco

    "Only if I could know which keywords to target..."
    We all have been there, haven't we?
    OpnEco is a project developed just for that. To be a constant companion throughout your content writing process. By content writers, for content writers.
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  • Perligo

    Digital writing groups deserve better than general purpose forums and back-and-forth emails. Perligo solves the problem of collaborating and critiquing writing in the digital-first format. Create a group, invite others, upload work, and critique.
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