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6 Alternatives to Barbershops

Get your ideal haircut. Again and again.

Ever had a problem telling your hairstylist how you want your haircut? With FreshCut, you can save and show your favorite past haircuts to any hairstylist for the perfect re-creation!

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For the past five years, a woman (read: angel) named Germaine has been cutting my hair. I booked an appointment with her after my former hair stylist moved away, and we talked for a least 30 minutes about how she was going to cut my hair before she picked up a pair of scissors back in 2013.
Over the past 4 months, I've been working hard on building my first iOS app that I'm launching today. The app, called FreshCut, lets users save and show their favorite past haircuts so stylists can re-create them flawlessly.
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6 Alternatives to FreshCut

Haircuts anytime, anywhere

Shortcut is an hair care marketplace that connects people & businesses to premium barbers and stylists - anytime, anywhere.

We're currently available in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago. New cities and services coming soon.

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If the app goldrush has taught us anything, it's that any dummy can come up with a pitch for an on-demand service. And while most of them are totally unnecessary (nobody asked for your "Uber but on skateboards" idea, sorry), every so often somebody comes up with something simple-yet-brilliant, and legitimately helpful.
Men spend over $27 billion at barbershops each year in the United States. Although taking consistent trips to the barbershop has become a tradition for many, advancements in technology have revealed several antiquated aspects of the process. Aside from word-of-mouth referrals or peer-to-peer reviews, finding the right barber within close proximity can be cha… See more
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