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Bail Bloc

Mine cryptocurrency to get people out of jail

Bail Bloc is a cryptocurrency scheme against bail.

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Mine cryptocurrencies from your laptop or smartphone.

The Merkle
One thing many seem to forget is that Ethereum no longer has an immutable blockchain, which is kind of the whole point of the blockchain. When the Ethereum network split into ETH and ETC, Ethereum itself became a mutable fork of the original blockchain, whereas Ethereum Classic is still the original chain as it was created many years ago.
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since Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency that is especially targeted at consumers, we decided to make mining a bit easier, without going through the hassle of configuring. That's why comes with an easy-to-use configurator and simple explanations of crypto terms.

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Round up purchases to help those who can't afford bail

Defendants are nine times more likely to plead guilty to a misdemeanor due to their inability to post bail, putting them at risk for losing their homes, jobs and ultimately making them unable to defend themselves.

Automatically give your spare change from everyday purchases to help prevent the detrimental impact this has on our community.

If enough people use them, that is.
This week, two new apps dropped that could play important roles in the fight for bail reform. They're called Appolition and Bail Bloc, and both hope to provide low-income defendants with bail relief from individual donations that are so small, you probably won't even notice them.
Mass incarceration in the United States is a huge problem. One of the many things activists are criticizing about the United States' prison culture is the bail system. Bail is the money an arrested person must pay to the court in order to be released...
Right now, 450,000 people are incarcerated in America without being convicted of a crime. Charged with bails they can't afford, they sit in jail awaiting their trials. Backlogs are extensive and overcrowding is common. Some wait weeks, others wait months, and some even die in custody before getting their day in court.
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