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Auxy 2.0
A music studio in your pocket
A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace
19 Alternatives to Auxy 2.0

Moises separates song tracks in various formats using machine learning for free. It leverages the power of a state-of-the-art source separation algorithm developed by Deezer. Upload a track (or use a youtube link) and get it processed in the cloud.

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El servicio de música en streaming Deezer ha lanzado una herramienta gratuita que separa la voz de la música en cualquier canciónSpleeter tiene hasta tres algoritmos con los que también se puede separar la voz de los instrumentos (bajo, piano, batería...)Por ahora, para usarla es necesario tener ciertas nociones de programación, pero empiezan a aflorar webs … See more
Music streaming service Deezer is the latest company to introduce a technology that's designed to separate mixed stereo audio files, and the good news is that anyone can use it for free. Spleeter is described as a "state-of-the-art source separation algorithm," and Deezer is confident that the results you can get with it match anything that's already out the… See more
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Have you ever argued over who gets to DJ on a party? Who’s got the best playlist?

Stop fighting over the AUX cable, use Que.

It is a website that you launch on your Mac/PC/Tablet and then plug in a speaker. Your guests can vote for the next song or suggest one from Apple Music by scanning a QR code.

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You've probably heard something like this before if you organised a party Hey! Can I connect to the speaker?
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