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9 alternative and related products to Aurelius 2.0

Aurelius 2.0

Add, tag, organize and search all your user research notes

Aurelius helps you add, tag, organize, search and make sense of all of your user research notes and key insights in one place to make awesome designs, products and features.

9 Alternatives to Aurelius 2.0

Step-by-step guidance on research to build the best product

Ryan Morley Male
Ryan Morley Male- Geniac UK Ltd
Each chapter is a method to validate a Product idea all the way from concept through to validating rapid-prototyping before needing to pivot during the more expensive design and build phases of production. Priceless method when you are operating on a budget and trying to validate your idea works!
2 Alternatives to Validating Product Ideas Through Lean User Research

See how people really use your app

Darlena Tran
Darlena Tran- Product Designer, Disqus
Good-looking and intuitive UI for both the organizer and the participant. Great UX workflows as well.
Darwin Peltan
Darwin Peltan- Product manager
Lookback provides a couple of ways to do this, either by including their SDK in your test app or more simply mirroring their mobile devices screen onto their laptop and then recording that. You can do the same thing with Quicktime but Lookback makes it easy for the participant.
Miriam Schwab
Miriam Schwab- Founder & CEO, Strattic
Easy to create screencasts on desktop or mobile, and it uploads seamlessly to their platform so you can just share a link with others. Was free until recently, but now they've removed the free tier.
4 Alternatives to Lookback

Easily recruit & manage research participants for studies

Positly is the easiest way to find high quality participants and makes it simple to manage complex studies.

Start saving time and money on more effective research today.

Luke K. Freeman
Luke K. Freeman- CEO at Positly | ex-Marketing @ Sendle
There's a bunch of different elements baked into studying a market. This should start with your goals such as determining product market fit or understanding market sizing. Once you design your study then it's key to get an unbiased sample of participants to be involved in the study. This is where participant recruitment comes in. Feel free to PM me about s… See more
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Positly: Study Recruiter
Positly is a unique platform that blends the most significant features and qualities of other research sites into one cohesive, seamless experience. As we embark together into the 2019 stage of research, we want to revisit our mission and share with you the positive steps we are taking to create the best research platform available ...
2 Alternatives to Positly
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