Alternative products to AudioBot

10 alternative and related products to AudioBot

Convert articles to audio easily 🎙️
AudioBot converts all of your web articles into audio in a jiffy. Simply paste the article URL and the rest is magic!
Test your prototypes with real users in hours, not days.
10 Alternatives to AudioBot (for Medium) is a Free Chrome Extension to Listen to any article on Medium as an Audio Narration.

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Kunal Bhatia
I use for providing audio for my Medium readers. They are robotic voices, but it gets the job done and it's very easy to get started. You can even embed the player inside your own articles.
I was going to recommend this when I saw the question. But you already did. This is definitely the best extension to listen to Medium articles.
Niv Dror
This seems like a very popular Chrome extension for listening to articles. Did well in the Product Hunt launch 😊
Around the web
Unlike reading that demand a reader's complete attention and focus, audio narrations come with the advantage of multitasking, allowing you to better engage for longer periods with your audience as the content is delivered in a way that's easy to consume.
Play is an app that adds Audio Narrations to your Articles using automated voices and automatically adds an Embedded Audio Player in those articles for your readers to Listen and Subscribe! Is your blog on Medium? Check out How to Add Audio to Your Blog on Medium!
33 Alternatives to Play (for Medium)

Listle lets people save time and enjoy content on-the-go. Instead of sitting in front of your computer reading your favorite blogs, you can listen to them while you commute, run or cook. All audio articles on Listle are read by humans.

Maria Nicolae
Listle is an app that allows people to listen to an increasing library of interesting audio articles - read by people. 15 new audio articles are added every day. You can find articles on current events, top HN stories or your favourite PG essays, in audio. Link to mobile app:
Sabina Horga
The best there is! Super interesting and eclectic listens!
Costinel Pleseanu
Great app
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