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10 alternative and related products to Atrium


Legal services for startups, powered by ML

Atrium is a full-service corporate law firm that uses modern technology to give startups a legal experience that is fast, transparent, and price-predictable.

10 Alternatives to Atrium

Bot that helps to register trademarks & timestamp copyright.

PatentBot is the Bot of the 2017 Year by Product Hunt. For more than 1.5 years, PatentBot has helped to register trademarks in the USA, EU and Ukraine. It is a quick, easy, and cheap way to protect your IP rights.

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On the 28th of July our team launched Patentbot - Facebook Messenger bot that helps to register a trademark ("TM") in 5 minutes. In 24 hours after its launch the product made 500$. Does it often happen to you, that projects, which guarantee the piece of your mind, remain unrealized?
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Analyze contracts and legal work with AI

Klarity’s AI reads contracts to tell the user if they can sign right away or if they need to approve specific changes. Klarity captures clients’ preferences and uses them to review incoming NDAs, sales and vendor contracts.

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Klarity, a member of the Y Combinator 2018 Summer class, wants to automate much of the contract review process by applying artificial intelligence, specifically natural language processing. Company co-founder and CEO Andrew Antos has experienced the pain of contract reviews first hand. After gradua...
Software from Klarity seeks to cut down on contract review using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Why It Matters Contracts are so often routine, but hard to navigate. With software using artificial intelligence, firms could speed up deals and cut legal fees while still reading the fine print.
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jQuery for legal documents

Codepact is a new, better interface for law, using software engineering techniques to custom-build contracts for the way you do business.

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To advance law, lawyers need to learn software development techniques like modular design, branched version control and managing complexity with abstraction. Pat Brown and Henry Fraser run Codepact, a tool that makes the law work more like good software. Pat is a software developer / lawyer who runs{}), a
Codepact Blog
Law firms sell guided access to 3 layers of valuable information. Legal technologists need to understand these layers, and target them in the right order if they want to effect meaningful change. Pat Brown and Henry Fraser run Codepact , a tool that helps you custom build powerful contracts like a pro.
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