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We empower everyone to make informed investment decisions by democratizing access to cutting-edge financial data and tools. See all of your investment accounts in one place, with custom alerts, statistics, detailed financials for companies and more.
Top Atom Finance alternatives
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  • Financial Toolbelt is a site dedicated to helping people understand and improve their finances.

    We are launching with 3 calculators at the beginning for some of the most common questions in personal finance: retirement, starting a side business, and credit card debt. We are working on more tools and welcome all feedback & feature requests!

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    Hope more people can discover and use this tool!

  • Payability

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    Friction-free financing tools for eCommerce sellers. Get up to $500k today to spend on inventory and marketing and take advantage of growth opportunities. Offers are based on marketplace sales history, not credit score.
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  • Birch 2.0

    Mint.com for credit card rewards 💰 ✈️
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  • Kard

    Maximize your credit card rewards & save on every purchase.
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  • Wisesheets

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    No more wasting time copy-pasting stock financials for each company you're analyzing. Get 19 years of financial statements and key-metrics directly in Google Sheets or Excel for 14 different exchanges across the globe.
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  • Financial Model

    Financial model for planning, launching, or running startups
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  • Flanks

    An end-to-end ecosystem that allows you to access your client's financial data. We offer a 360º vision of financial data that includes accounts, investments, loans and a wide range of products more. Always quickly, easily and safely.
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  • Certaincents

    Certaincents is simple financial planning for everyone.

    Live bank feeds and an AI financial advisor will help make the most of your time and money.

    Secure your financial future with complete budgeting and cash flow forecasting.
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  • Cashactions

    Cashactions is an app designed to allow users to keep track of their cash transactions. Although credit card and money management services are increasingly popular, Cashactions focuses on giving users a simple, direct way to help them continue to use real money. Made by a teenage developer.

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  • Bottom Street

    A data driven platform enabling retail investors and traders for doing fundamental and technical research regarding financial markets in an easy manner.
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