Alternative products to ASMR sleeping headphones

12 alternative and related products to ASMR sleeping headphones

ASMR sleeping headphones

Enjoy ASMR comfortably while you sleep

These headphones let you get the benefit of ASMR while you sleep, with an extendable cord so you're not uncomfortable.

12 Alternatives to ASMR sleeping headphones

Watch ASMR videos on your phone. Videos that make you tingle

Watch ASMR videos without ads, listen in the background or with your screen turned off, set a sleep timer, download videos, explore top video charts and curated trigger playlists, support artists with one tap and more. Tingles is the app that ASMR fans have been waiting for!

Are you an ASMRtist? You can join Tingles at

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The Tingles team has not done much in the way of promotion, but the app has already built a fairly sizable following in its community. That's one of the nice things about a targeted product - it spreads fast.
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5 Alternatives to Tingles

Bluetooth, noise-cancelling headphones that rival Bose

Baard O. Hansen
Baard O. Hansen- Business Manager Digital Communications
Before these headphones arrived, I had a couple of Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones. But when I bought the Sony's, I had to listen to my music all over again. They're just the best headphones available. Looking forward to the Sony MDR-1000x2 when they arrive.
Tarun Gangwani
Tarun Gangwani- Product,
I use these. They give the Q35's a run for their money with features and performance. I don't believe the issues regarding sound are valid -- they are an excellent pair of cans.
Tarun Gangwani
Tarun Gangwani- Product,
Not sure if you like over-ear or buds... these are my favorite for over-ear. They have some great features including one where you can raise your right hand to the ear to mute audio and enable outside sound to enter through the mic ("quick attention") and a PA mode where it uses AI to filter out all sounds except voices. These work pretty well in my experien… See more
18 Alternatives to Sony MDR-1000X Headphones
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