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29 alternative and related products to Asana Timeline

Asana Timeline
Visualize your project plan so you can hit your deadlines.

Asana Timeline allows you to create project plans that help you stay on schedule—so you hit your deadlines.

29 Alternatives to Asana Timeline

Organize anything, together

Trello is a web-based project management application with a beautiful card-based UI.

Jack Dweck
Jack Dweck- Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Trello is an excellent tool for keeping tasks and projects organized.
Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia- Founder of Product School
Great pick! I manage a team with people in different countries and timezones. Trello is a great way of getting everything on the same "page" and creating a real visual sense of what's moving forward, what's getting left behind, and what we've accomplished. It's also great to go over the backlog and rescue some great ideas from way back that have slipped thro… See more
Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan- Founder, Dreaming In Binary
I mean you can't have a list about productivity and leave out Trello. It is probably the most flexible software I've ever used - they say it's not great to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, but Trello kinda disproves that in my opinion.
92 Alternatives to Trello

Radically transparent project & team management app.

Plan sprints, manage workload and track their progress visually.

Farzad Ban
Farzad Ban- Founder & CEO @3drops, @onroadmap
You can visually track your team's true progress at just a glance. Instead of counting the number of completed tasks, Roadmap focuses on how much closer your team got to their next milestones. Give it a try and let me what you think.
7 Alternatives to Roadmap v.1.0

Unify your productivity apps into one desktop app

Veamly centralizes all your work in one place, bringing all your collaboration apps in one desktop app and all your conversations in a main feed with a unified search.

Rihab Zaidi
Rihab Zaidi- Marketer at Augmania
Veamly is great, we've been using it for a while. The best thing about it that it helps you have all the productivity tools you are using in on app!
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Veamly - Automatically Prioritize and label Your Support Messages
You just went out of the office and you receive a call from a friend inviting you to his party later that night but you apologize: "I wish I could come but I am working tomorrow. Who throws a party on a Thursday night?" "Oh haven't you heard the news?
Veamly - Automatically Prioritize and label Your Support Messages
Situation: Bob and Alex are best friends. They both work at a big company; same position same hours and same salary. Yet Bob is always busy and miserable unlike Alex who is always chill and happy. Why? What happened? The answer is crystal clear: Bob is a busy person.
5 Alternatives to Veamly

Flexible project management you can share with the world

Zenkit 3.0 is a new way for users to share their work online with published and embedded collections, a documented API, new integrations, brand new mobile apps, and more (for free!)

Tzuan Li
Tzuan Li
Good tool which helps you and your team get things done and organized!
Dinnie Muslihat
Dinnie Muslihat- Content Marketer at Zenkit
Hey Arthur, I can recommend Zenkit as a great free todo app. It can be integrated with Google Calendar and accommodates to the other features you are seeking. We've also recently released the newest version, so you can enjoy a sleek design with other ways to share your data. I work closely with the dev team, so I can pass on any feedback you may have. :)
Hi Priyanshi, you can create and share your private Zenkit to-do list easily with team members (or whoever you wanna share with) by adding them to the collection. Or you can let your to-do list go public (really public) through "published and embedded collection" features. That means everyone can see your list. Both will be in real time and free :)
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There's no darth of Trello-style project management services, but while the core of Zenkit is exactly that, it's also far more flexible than most and offers plenty of ways to adjust the service to your style of work (and beyond Kanban). Today, the company is launching version 3.0 of its...
t3n Magazin
Zenkit soll bei der Umsetzung noch so komplexer Projekte unterstützen. Version 3 erweitert die Features dafür. Das Karlsruher Startup hinter Zenkit hat Version 3 seines Projektmanagement-Tools veröffentlicht. Projekte können jetzt öffentlich geteilt und in Websites eingebettet werden. Außerdem gibt's neue mobile Apps, eine erweiterte Kalender-Synchronisation… See more
5 Alternatives to Zenkit 3.0

Product management system for large & scaling organizations

With 3.0, productboard is now even better for large & scaling organizations! Organize feature ideas across all your products, prioritize around objectives aligned with your product strategy, and collaborate with all your teams in one product management system.

anna maria
anna maria- Product Designer
It is effortless to use, to prioritise features, visualise the roadmap, the filtering works super, which makes it easy to go through the backlog and plan the work. Integration with Jira works very well, UI is crystal clear, personalisation of the product is a 4.0. It's very easy to link feedback gathered from the customers with the feature that it relates to… See more
Winston- Make excellent products w/ @productboard
This is exactly what productboard is designed to help you do! Consolidate ideas, requests, and feedback from Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, email, and hundreds of other tools via Zapier. You can also import CSVs full of research/feedback or submit it using a chrome extension. Highlight interesting insights and link them to related feature ideas. Use that to prior… See more
6 Alternatives to productboard 3.0

Visual planner and scheduler for Instagram.

Around the web
If you spend any time on Instagram, it's likely you've come across a profile or two that cleverly utilize Instagram's grid-style layout to create a larger, more immersive experience with an image. Not only does this effect...
Humble and Whole
As a visually-driven platform, Instagram can cause a lot of stress. There is definitely a desire to have that picture perfect feed. A well themed or branded Instagram can make a lasting impression and encourage your target audience to follow along with you.
SBZ Enterprise
When you're a business owner time is money, and time is limited (at best). That's why you always want to make sure you're using apps and tools that will help you improve efficiency in all aspects of your business. Working with my clients, I have found many planning and content creation tools, but there's one ...
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Trello for humans, not companies

Caltra helps people achieve their personal goals. With Caltra, you can plan out your goals, do work on a kanban board, and reflect with in-app analytics. It's somewhere in between a to-do list and a project management tool that's built just for your goals.

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I built Caltra in order to reach my own personal goals. Before Caltra, I planned my goals in my head, and used a calendar to schedule work. It was impossible to plan out steps to reach my goals, and it was grueling to do work without seeing progress.
4 Alternatives to Caltra

Plan, track & collaborate with your team

As as designer its always been hard for me to manage my task, hours and getting feedback. It would always get missed between those long email and you never know how many hours you have spent and your team have worked on. With Managly we tried to achieve all this points and make project managers, freelancers life easy. This is beta so show some love

47 Alternatives to Managly

Manage everything from the smallest tasks

John Tan
John Tan- Growth & Product
Switched from Trello to favro at work for our product/marketing/dev teams. It allows for way more flexibility in creating backlogs and boards to accomodate for multiple processes from Scrum to Kanban to Agile, with very specific tools to manage them. Favro is what trello could have been, but never became.
Sam Rye
Sam Rye- Founder
I'd suggest Favro if you're working in a larger team, and want to minimise overhead of reporting progress across multiple teams or projects...
Jakob Marovt
Jakob Marovt- Founder of Magnify
Simplicity of Trello combined with a few much needed extra features (custom views with several boards = collections are a killer feature for me).
6 Alternatives to Favro

Simple all-in-one to-do list app for tasks and projects.

Tidily is a simple task manager that

1. Lets you manage your project boards.

2. Helps you plan your day, week, month.

3. Keeps you accountable with it's task backlog.

4. Lets you capture quick thoughts in inbox.

5. Offers a super fast experience with offline support.

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You've probably heard of Trello, Asana, Todoist, Wunderlist, Google Keep, Marvin ... the list goes on. Over the years I've tried them all, some more than once, and many times thought that I'd found the one, only to part company a few weeks or months later - most often because my regular usage had ceased and I reverted to good old fashioned paper.
As a freelance developer, my todo list is my boss, that's the only thing keeping me accountable. So naturally I use them heavily and there is certainly no shortage of different awesome task manager apps out there. But I never used only one app for all my tasks and projects.
5 Alternatives to 2.0

A visual layout to track & sync teamwork

Team to-do lists are most powerful when they’re connected to everyone you work with.

Azendoo boards help you visualize and organize your work all in the one place, and switch between views at any moment: lists, boards or calendar

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Azendoo - Blog
As announced in our latest roadmap article, we have been working on a board view for your tasks. After a period of internal testing and another of closed beta with a small circle of clients, we are excited to release the board view for all Azendoo users. Board view The
Azendoo - Blog
Following the new Azendoo boards launch, we are announcing a new import in Azendoo: the Trello import. This import works just as you would expect, importing your Trello cards and turning them into Azendoo tasks. It also makes moving your work from Trello to Azendoo quick and easy. Export your
9 Alternatives to Azendoo Task Boards

Create different workflows using the same GitHub repo.

Every software team works differently, even when working on the same set of GitHub Issues. Workspaces lets software teams create different workflows using the same Repository. Now every team can work in the way that fits their specific needs, tasks and styles.

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ZenHub, a project management tool for GitHub, today announced the launch of Workspaces, a feature that makes it easier for teams to use its service - and GitHub - by allowing them to tweak the service to the needs of specific teams while still using GitHub as the ground truth for their ...
5 Alternatives to ZenHub Workspaces

Clean iOS and Mac kanban/trello with flexible views

Kanbanier is a clean, flexible iOS + macOS kanban/trello system. Create hierarchies, show columns of cards within workflow columns.

You own your data, Kanbanier runs only on your devices and those you share with.

Free to use - powerful export and view customizations with purchase.

18 Alternatives to Kanbanier

Introducing the new visual perspective on your schedule

Powered by AI, Forecast is supporting your work process with a project and resource management platform. With the new and improved scheduling, you'll have an all-encompassing overview that ensures you meet your deadlines. Feel empowered with the work you do with a fully utilized team.

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Find and compare Project Management software. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.
Nordic Startup Bits
AI and Machine Learning Take Over the Project Management Software No matter if it's the public sector, the businesses or the NGO, project implementation and management is something each institution wants to handle seamlessly, and this is exactly where the Danish startup Forecast steps in with their solution to utilize new technology in project management ...
6 Alternatives to Forecast
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