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10 alternative and related products to ArticleWise


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ArticleWise is a web app that turns any article into a flash card automatically.

10 Alternatives to ArticleWise

Chevy- Audiovisual and Multimedia Communicator
Hands down the best bookmark manager around. It is available on every single platform, including web browser extensions. It's also visually attractive, with a lot of tools and it's free! You can choose to pay for additional tools though.
Naveen DA
Naveen DA- Co-Founder of Sproworks
Great Product, usable UI
Max Yakin Bozek
Max Yakin Bozek- Designer
Been using Raindrop for years after Delicious was spoilt. And still it never let me down, I always recommend it to edit, organise and manage bookmarks.
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It's very difficult to imagine a world without bookmarks. Besides the built-in bookmark option in you web browser, there is a whole variety of services, such as Delicious, Pocket and Keeeb, that let you bookmark images, videos and other awesome things you find online.
Cult of Mac is a new bookmarking service for Mac and iOS, and the web, and Android. It lets you save your bookmarks into folders, known as Groups, and those bookmarks are then available from anywhere. The main selling point of seems to be the slick interface, and the myriad beautiful ways you can arrange the bookmarks therein.
NDTV is a beautiful, powerful - but also slightly confusing - bookmark manager. Most of us probably use the built-in bookmarks mangers on our browsers, but they are fairly limiting. For starters, even if you sync them across devices, your bookmarks are not accessible outside the browser.
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Save things for later with Pocket, refreshed with a new look

Moak Designs
Moak Designs- Internet Marketing Specialist
I love using this because it will save the permanent copy of the content even if the page no longer exists, they allow you to update the content within the pocket if you wanted updated version.
I love Pocket and use the Chrome extension on a daily basis. But beware, you may end up adding a lot (yes a loooot..) of articles which you can't read in one life term ;) . Be disciplined, add what you really want to read later and archive frequently to have a stress free reading experience
Emily Kellert
Emily Kellert- tech lover & travel freak & tractive PM
I can never read everything I see posted and with Pocket I can easily save with tags so I can find them at a later time.
29 Alternatives to Pocket for Web

Save and read news, articles, & videos that fuel your mind

Capture the things that fascinate you in Pocket, and have a personal, dedicated space to fuel your mind without the distractions of the internet.

• Completely refreshed design across mobile and web

• All new reading experience and new font for improved legibility and comfort for short and long-form reading.

• Revamped listen experience

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Since we launched Pocket in 2007, millions of you have made Pocket your place to hold onto the best of the web and come back to it when you're ready. We've also learned that Pocket's your place to really dive in and absorb things-a welcomed part of your day where you can take in ideas, inspiration, or knowledge in a place that's free from the distractions of… See more
You'll have a better time when you do want to look. The redesign includes a less cluttered article view, night-friendly app themes (including dark and sepia) as well as new fonts and text layouts to promote extended reading sessions.
The Verge
Pocket, which lets you save articles and videos to your devices to view later, is rolling out a redesign today with a new emphasis on listening to the items you save. The listen feature, which is powered by a new integration with Amazon's Polly text-to-speech service, is intended to turn your article queue into "a personal podcast that you curate on your own… See more
Fast Company
The internet today is so cluttered with stories, it's hard to find-and keep track of-the really good stuff. That's where the bookmarking platform Pocket comes in, giving you an easy way to curate articles you want to save or read later, and then providing recommendations based on what people are engaging with most deeply.
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Redesigned and optimized for iOS 9

Joe Pour
Joe Pour- Head of Product at ClickView
I have used Instapaper for many years now and it is one of my favourite products! The best thing about Instaper is it's ubiquity; you can save to a folder from literally anywhere! It also removes all the noise (adverts, promo links etc) and lets you read the article in a clean and simple format.
landen- Student at Lighthosue Labs, Toronto
Instapaper is my preferred alternative to Pocket for reading lists. It's completely free, and there's all these really cool hidden features, like a speed reading mode, and IFTTT integration so I can sync my highlighted text to an Evernote document. It has less features than Pocket, but still does everything I could ever want.
Peter Kringdon
Peter Kringdon- Content Strategist / Designer
I like to use Instapaper for all my reading. You can send newsletters to Instapaper via email or even set up a filter to do it for you. Find your custom read later email address here:
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10 Alternatives to Instapaper 7

Personalized social bookmarking manager

Pascal Sageret-Dubuy
Pascal Sageret-Dubuy- Web Explorer since '98
IMHO great content must end up in an Evernote-like app. If the tool you need is more like a Trello board with all your bookmarks at your fingertips, Papaly is a really good choice. Plus it's free.
Henk Holveck
Henk Holveck- Supreme leader of Haus of Holveck
I love this tool I use it as my new tab screen on Chrome!
Sky Clear
Sky Clear- Tech Explorer
I think this is a nice option as it is integrated in your browser and allow private sharing with team members, etc. I let you explore it if it inspires you :)
3 Alternatives to Papaly

An app to save entire web pages to Dropbox

Keep Everything saves web pages to Dropbox so you can read them later. It can save all or just a portion of web page as well as data from other applications(Twitter, YouTube, Pocket, and ReadKit and with Dropbox sync between the OS X and iOS version, your data is accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

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6 Alternatives to Keep Everything

Highlight as you read and create a personal knowledge repo

Highlight, tag and add private notes across the web. All your notes and tags will popup next time you visit the page. Search across all your highlights and notes from a single dashboard.
Build your personal knowledge repository now.

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Use your insights from your twitter feeds. Search across your tagged tweets and private notes from a single dashboard Twitter recently added the option to bookmark your tweets. This was a great feature I was looking out for. These days I use twitter for keeping myself up-to-date about the latest happenings in tech and product world.
I am trying to do something. I broadly know how to do it but I don't know the exact details. I search for it on Google. Google is a very big name today because it lets you get access to relevant...
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