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5 alternative and related products to Appunfold


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5 Alternatives to Appunfold

Appcues is a product adoption platform designed to improve activation, drive adoption, and proactively educate users. With Appcues, anyone can build personalized walkthru’s, tutorials, and announcements—all without writing code.

Ty Magnin
Ty Magnin- Dir of Product Mktg Content - UiPath
Once you have a working webapp, you can use Appcues to drive better adoption to it. Appcues lets you create onboarding experiences or drive feature discovery without writing any code. 🚀
3 Alternatives to Appcues for Product Adoption

Userlane is a smarter way for businesses to personalize User Onboarding and automate Staff Training, making it essentially possible for any person to understand any software instantly.

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In a few years from now, every software will have step-by-step contextual help in the form of on-screen guides and walkthroughs, exactly as cars have a GPS system.
Userlane Blog
Our world seems to be moving toward simplicity. Everything is on-demand, ready-to-use, and perfectly tailored to suit our needs. At the same time our choices become more complex. Think of it this way: the bigger a city becomes, the more options we have to go from A to B.
Userlane Blog
by Andy Mura Twenty years ago it was perfectly normal to use maps to drive around a new town or plan a road trip. Nowadays, we take for granted that each vehicle is delivered with a GPS navigation system that automatically guides people from A to B.
11 Alternatives to Automated User Onboarding with Userlane
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