Alternative products to Apps for Intercom Inbox

6 alternative and related products to Apps for Intercom Inbox

Apps for Intercom Inbox
Build & use apps for the Intercom Inbox. Grow your business.
Build and use apps that enable sales and support teams to communicate better with customers. Canvas Kit now has all of the components and webhooks you need to quickly build powerful apps for the Intercom Inbox for the 30,000+ businesses using Intercom.
6 Alternatives to Apps for Intercom Inbox

We’re opening our doors and rolling out new tools for developers to build amazing apps and integrations for our customers. These will be the solutions that power the next wave of marketing and sales.

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Introducing The Drift Developer Platform. Now everyone can build amazing apps, bots, and integrations on top of Drift for marketing and sales teams.
Drift today launched the Drift Platform to give developers tools to make Drift bots for marketing and sales. Companies have been able to deploy their own templated Drift bots for some time now, but the Drift Platform gives developers and businesses using Drift the ability to make custom bots and integrations.
Drift Blog
When we launched Drift back in 2016, we were a messaging tool, plain and simple. But as we talked to the marketers and salespeople using our product day after day, week after week, month after month, and incorporated their feedback into the product, Drift began to evolve.
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The future of how sales reps communicate with prospects

Drift Email is the future of how sales reps will communicate with their prospects. When a prospect visits your site from an email sent with Drift’s Chrome Extension, you’re there to greet them with a personalized message. That means your prospect can instantly start a conversation with you. Even if you aren’t at your desk.

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Drift, the world's first and only conversation-driven marketing and sales platform, today announced the launch of Drift Email, a revolutionary new way
Drift Blog
Over the past year, we've been focused on helping businesses connect with today's buyers through real-time conversation. Of course, conversations don't only start and stop on your website. Often they start with an email... But email is broken. At HYPERGROWTH last week our CEO David Cancel gave these three reasons why email is broken: Reason...
6 Alternatives to Drift Email

Redesign famous landmarks and more with Snaps new update

Since the launch of Lens Studio in December 2017, millions of people from across the globe have played with Lenses made by our community. Today at Snap Partner Summit, we announced even more ways for creators to make their mark on the world!

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Snapchat's camera is about to get a lot smarter. The company unveiled new search features for its in-app camera, including the ability to search for GIFs and solve math equations. The new features were announced today at the company's first Partner Summit event in Los Angeles.
The Verge
Snap is taking its augmented reality tools to a much bigger canvas. The company today announced Landmarkers, a set of lenses aimed at bringing new life to some of the world's most famous locations. The lenses, which were designed by Snapchat users, transform locations like the Eiffel Tower into animated characters - one of which throws up rainbows.
Aside from Tinder, Snap is also bringing its new App Stories to House Party and Adventure Aide, two social apps that hope to use Stories to help their users better connect with one another.
Snapchat's found an answer to the revenue problem stemming from its halted growth: it will show its ads in other apps with the launch of Snapchat Ad Kit and the Snapchat Audience Network. And rather than watching as other apps spin up their own knock-off versions of its camera and Stories, it...
Point and shoot? No, point and interact. Snapchat can now help with your homework. The app's camera is becoming the foundation of an augmented reality developer platform known as "Scan". Snap today announced partnerships with Photomath to add the ability to solve math problems, and Giphy for detect...
6 Alternatives to Snapchat Lens Studio 2.0
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