Alternative products to Apple Core ML

9 alternative and related products to Apple Core ML

Apple Core ML

Integrate a broad variety of ML model types into your app

9 Alternatives to Apple Core ML

Label data for machine learning with ease

Handl is a tool to label and manage data for machine learning. You can use the qualified crowd onboard or bring your team. Whatever you have, images, texts or sounds, we have a complete set of tools to do the job.

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Компания Dbrain запустила Handl - сервис разметки данных для машинного обучения. Здесь уже зарегистрированы 25 тысяч человек, которые помогают размечать данные для технологических компаний и получают за это деньги. Сегодня Handl официально запускается после успешного Альфа-тестирования, и теперь любой может присоединиться к проекту.
5 Alternatives to Handl

Deep Learning and AI accessible to everyone

Spell is The most flexible and powerful end-to-end platform for ML and deep learning engineering.

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In 2016, Serkan Piantino packed up his desk at Facebook with hopes to move on to something new. The former Director of Engineering for Faceboook AI Research had every intention to keep working on AI, but quickly realized a huge issue. Unless you're under the umbrella of one of these big tech ...
9 Alternatives to Spell

IBM Watson now integrates directly into Apple's ML Core, so developers can build AI-powered apps to help improve every part of your life. 🤖

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Apple and IBM have announced an exciting expansion of the partnership started back in 2014 to bring enterprise apps to iOS devices. The latest step is designed to combine IBM's powerful Watson AI system with Apple's Core ML framework to create the smartest mobile apps yet developed.
Apple and IBM revealed an enhancement to their existing collaboration at the Think 2018 conference with Watson Services for Core ML and the newly designed IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple. The offering marries Apple's Core ML tools for developers with IBM's Watson to make it easier for companies to add artificial intelligence into mobile applications.
9 Alternatives to IBM Watson for CoreML

The easiest way to convert a neural network to Core ML

Alchemy is a collection of utilities and tools for the mobile machine learning community. At times, deep-learning and AI can seem like a magical process of transformation.

The Grader tool is available today, and we think this is the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive way to benchmark and convert ML models for mobile.

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Today we're unveiling Alchemy by Fritz. Alchemy is a collection of utilities and tools for the mobile machine learning community. At times, deep-learning and AI can seem like a magical process of...
4 Alternatives to Alchemy by Fritz

Train custom ML models with minimum effort and expertise

Train high quality custom machine learning models with minimum effort and machine learning expertise.

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" Urban Outfitters is constantly looking for new ways to enhance our customers' shopping experience," says Alan Rosenwinkel, Data Scientist at URBN. "Creating and maintaining a comprehensive set of product attributes is critical to providing our customers relevant product recommendations, accurate search results and helpful product filters; however, manually… See more
Google today announced the alpha launch of AutoML Vision, a new service that helps developers - including those with no machine learning (ML) expertise - build custom image recognition models.
4 Alternatives to Google CLOUD AUTOML

Build Machine Learning models without a single line of code

Mate Labs is trying to enable Machine Learning and Deep Learning to one and all. Irrespective of whether a user knows how to code or not.

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If you've ever wanted to train a machine learning model and integrate it with IFTTT, you now can with a new offering from MateLabs. MateVerse, a platform where novices can spin out machine learning models, now works with IFTTT so that you can automatically set up models to run based on condit...
6 Alternatives to Mateverse by Mate Labs
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