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Apple Card

Apple Card alternatives and competitors

Apple Card is built into the Apple Wallet app on iPhone, offering customers a familiar experience with Apple Pay and the ability to manage their card right on iPhone.

Top alternatives for Apple Card

Speech-to-text APIs by AssemblyAI
APIs to automatically transcribe and understand audio
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Card

    Get 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases 💳

    I've saved hundreds of dollars using this card. You can make it your default card on Amazon and also use it for gas, groceries and other com…

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  • Coinbase Card

    Coinbase Card enables you to instantly spend and track your bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more. You can use it in millions of locations, all over the world using contactless, PIN and by withdrawing from any ATM.
  • Stripe Corporate Card

    Instantly provision cards, manage your company's spending in real-time, get automatic credit increases, and get cash back on the categories where you spent the most. It's the corporate card we wanted for ourselves.
  • Uber Credit Card

    The Uber Credit Card offers:

    🍽 4% back on dining

    ✈️ 3% back on hotel and air fair

    🖥 2% for online purchases

    😻 1% back on everything else

    There's no annual fee. Also earn $100 after spending $500 on purchases in the first 90 days.

    Nothing more to say

  • Point

    Point is a mobile banking app that includes a debit card with amazing rewards (3% cash back on rideshare, 4% cash back at coffee shops, and more) paired to a thoughtfully designed checking account that earns 1.4% APY interest. USE INVITE CODE PH2019 to signup
  • Mythia

    Mythra is a credit card for gamers. Rewards include free XBox / PS4s, free video games, coins in Apex & Fortnite, Steam credits, and more. Every swipe gets a random reward. The app is designed like a game.
    Promo: Spend & pay off $250 to get a free game.
  • Privacy.com Card Issuing API

    Create debit cards on the fly with our API! Set limits, lock cards to merchants, and make money from spend volume on your cards today.
  • Virtual payment cards in 1Password

    Create and save unique Privacy Cards right from your browser, assign them to specific vendors, and spend securely using 1Password. Available to everyone in the US with a Privacy and 1Password account for personal or business use.
  • The Paceline Card

    4.8★17 reviews
    Payment required
    Paceline is challenging the traditional credit card industry with The Paceline Card: the first credit card to tie your fitness data to your cash back. You can also earn back the cost of the latest Apple Watch just for hitting 150 minutes of activity each week.
    Love this product! Incredible value - both monetary and the benefit to my overall health in keeping me moving. The digital experience is int…See more
  • Ramp Vendor Management

    Introducing Ramp Vendor Management - a new way to track and manage payments to all vendors across a company. Ramp is the only corporate card that enables businesses to predict and control recurring expenses before they happen. Get peace of mind at every swipe.
  • Mythia 2.0

    Mythia is the world’s first debit card for gamers. Rewards include free video games, PlayStations, and XBoxes. The Mythia app is designed like a game, with weekly challenges, reward boxes, and you can team up with friends for even more rewards.
  • Alloy Card

    With Alloy Card you issue as many virtual or physical credit cards you want and add automation recipes to customize how you want to control each one of them, while saving time and effort. Plus, you earn up to 3% cashback on your purchases.
  • PointCard™ Titan

    5.0★1 review
    Payment required
    Meet PointCard™ Titan — the card that keeps up with you. Personalized, precise, and transparent from the ground up, this new charge card allows you to choose your rewards and use points your way.
  • X1 Card

    X1 Card is built from the ground up to transform how you shop and spend.
    End free trials automatically with auto-expiring virtual cards.
    Cancel subscription payments in one click.
    Spend anonymously without disclosing your personal information.
  • SPARE.

    Getting cash should be simple, secure & affordable. We are the free virtual ATM network that connects the local community. Withdraw cash at local merchants or send money from digital wallets like Coinbase, Apple Pay & PayPal.
  • Clyde

    You don't need to be a 'Nerd' or 'Points Guy' to maximize your finances. 💳 Clyde shows you what each credit card is worth to you based on your transaction data. It's instant, personalized, and transparent.
  • Peeks Social

    The Peeks Social virtual debit card allows freedom and flexibility as another suitable payment option to online commerce. This allows for the convenience of receiving instant payouts without the hassle of waiting for payments to be processed.


    Free options
    Using Open Banking technology we offer access to a credit card with relatable and actionable insights to help our customers spend responsibly, avoid bad debt and build better credit.
  • Mastercard True Name®

    True Name™ lets Trans and Non-Binary individuals display their chosen name on their cards, avoiding painful daily reminders of a conflict between their true name and the name on their card.