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App Screenshot Maker alternatives and competitors

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Design marketing screenshots for your app in minutes
Top App Screenshot Maker alternatives
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  • Want to share what you've worked on with friends or co-workers but think a plain screenshot is a bit bland? Screely instantly turns your screenshot into a beautiful image you can share on Twitter, Slack, Telegram without needing Photoshop or Sketch templates.

    Upload an image, choose your background color and hit that download button and share it!

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    I use this probably 3-6x per week. So helpful for generating screenshots.

  • Promomatic helps you easily generate app store assets in various sizes. Simply upload your app screenshots and you're good to go. Thousands of template combinations once you start playing with the customizable device frames, backgrounds, fonts and more!

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    Looks like a great time saver for only $2. Creating assets for the app store is a serious PITA. Not sure if I'd go for the unlimited plan un…

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  • Create App Store images with new templates, devices + iPad📱🎉
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    In general, the site is pretty slow (takes long to upload screenshots). Furthermore, it has many usability issues, that make working with th…

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  • Shottr

    13 reviews
    Shottr is a small, fast, human-sized screenshot app built for those who care about pixels. It was crafted with Swift, optimized for M1, and is completely free at the moment.
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  • iOS Jetpack

    iOS Jetpack has beautiful easy-to-use screenshot templates for your app. Create perfect App Store, Product Hunt or Facebook presentations in a fast and beautiful way.

    With Sketch symbols and styles create your presentation easily. There is no need to think about something new when the time is running out. Use our ready-to-publish templates!

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  • 🖥 CleanShot is a macOS app that makes it easier to capture clean screenshots and screen recordings without Desktop icons.

    New in 2.0:

    • 🖍 Quickly highlight important parts of your screenshot or blur any sensitive content

    • 🌚 Fully compatible with macOS Mojave

    • Fixed a bug with microphone access

    • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

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    A really quick and convenient tool for communicating with screenshots. Loving it!

  • Superb iOS templates put together in one Pack. Use them to present your product from it’s strongest sides on your favourite platform: Instagram, App Store or Product Hunt❤️
    Compatible with Sketch and Figma.
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  • Browser Frame

    Easily wrap screenshots in different browser frames.
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  • An interactive map of popular screen sizes, illustrating the responsive and adaptive device landscape.
    🎉 Screen sizes in device-independent pixel (DP)
    🌟 Filter sizes by popularity
    🛠 Hide & show device classes
    🖥 Browser-based
    ➡️ Try it now
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  • Prizmo Go 2.0

    Prizmo Go 2.0 brings handwriting recognition (English only), translation to 59 languages, and a new, more powerful, built-in neural network-based OCR in more languages.

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  • Screenshot Tracker app helps you to collect:
    🖼 Full size screenshots for your web pages
    🎳 Multiple urls at once
    📱 In multiple resolutions (desktop, tablet and mobile)
    🔁 Repeat/Retake screenshots
    with one click!
    It's 100% free & open source. PRs welcome!
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  • Screener

    Tired of boring product screenshots? Screener is a simple app which makes it super easy to put your app screenshots into beautiful, hand-crafted device frames of different styles. These frames are free to use everywhere you want.

    People use this for their app listings in app stores or even to show off their homescreen setups.

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  • Create beautiful app screenshots for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store at the same time. Select from premade templates or fully customize your own screenshots to match your brand.
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  • Cleanshot

    2 reviews
    Create hassle-free browser mockups for any website with Cleanshot. Just paste the link and download the screenshot.
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  • Designer looks for screenshots in one click. Give your iOS & Android screenshot a designer touch by selecting the best combo of color, device & text style in one click.

    App Screenshot Studio does not require subscriptions or hidden expenses, download the app and create your screenshots, nothing more.

    For producthunt readers, I offer 5 free codes!

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  • Blit is like having a follow button for any website. Automate your daily web surfing. Give us a link and a schedule and we'll send you screenshots.

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    I think Blit is neat.

    What I would love to see though: the app intelligent parsing fragments of the website and capturing them as individual…

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  • MockUPhone is the app that allows you to put your design on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or a TV screen and see how it looks. It simplifies the work of many developers, designers, consultants and project managers, so they can make a wonderful presentation of their product with the PNG files provided.

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    I just came here to make sure this got another upvote. I use this product at least once a week and have for over 2+ years.

    It produces stell…

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  • AppLaunchpad 3.0

    1 review
    Free options
    AppLaunchpad is a Design tool to create stunning screenshots for App Store and Google Play.
    Feature highlight
    1) Unlimited Layout & Device Frame color
    2) Millions of Background Images powered by Unsplash
    3) Localization
    4) 100+ pre-built designer templates
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  • ScreenShieldKit’s patent-pending technology protects the sensitive content in your iOS app from screenshots, screen recordings, and more.

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    It does things I couldn't figure out how to do on iOS, so it's something I'm willing to pay for in my product.

  • Design high-quality, pixel perfect screenshots for your Apple & Android apps. The all in one solution to save time, money and boost your app store impact by 35%!
    Business owner? Marketer? Designer? Full stack developer? AppScreens is designed for you.
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