Alternative products to App in the Air 5.0

9 alternative and related products to App in the Air 5.0

App in the Air 5.0
Flight Tracker. The best TripIt alternative yet
9 Alternatives to App in the Air 5.0

First flight navigator to use on board of an aircraft.

Aboard is the world’s first flight navigator to use on board of an aircraft. It works absolutely offline.

Use Aboard and you will know:

• where your flight is on a world map

• passed and remaining time and distance

• speed & altitude of your aircraft

• what cities and countries you are flying over

9 Alternatives to Aboard

Flight Delay Predictor from Upside Business Travel is a machine learning based product that attempts to predict the likelihood your flight is to be delayed. The algorithm is trained on historical flight delay information from the FAA and factors in both historical and forecasted weather and the current state of the National Airspace System.

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Upside Engineering Blog
Flying for business is full of uncertainty. For travelers with a tight connection window or an arrival time close to an important meeting, even a short flight delay can cause serious anxiety. Nearly a third of Upside's business travelers encountered flight delays in the last 30 days alone.
5 Alternatives to Delay Predictor

Track real-time air traffic worldwide

Become an aviation buff with this fun and intelligent tool. Use your camera device with AR to scan a plane above you and play-back journeys to 2011. The app tracks thousands of planes in real-time anywhere around the world - you can find live airport departures, as well as see the effects of delays, diversions, weather concerns and major incidents.

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Today we're pleased to announce the launch of a brand new version of Plane Finder for the web. It's packed full of exciting new features, sports an improved user interface, better support for mobile devices, and comes with a huge number of performance improvements!
On Christmas Eve, you can track Santa with Plane Finder. On the run up to his biggest night of the year, read more about how Santa pulls off the world's largest delivery and learn more about his magical reindeer and workshop. Merry Christmas!
Aircraft spotting, as the name suggests, involves tracking or 'spotting' planes. This hobby is often accompanied by photography which serves as a way to document which aircraft have been spotted! Generally, spotting aircrafts involves the following: Naming and identifying aircraft types and models. Recording plane information. Monitoring air traffic control … See more
To look up in the sky at any given moment you might not realise quite how much is going on up there. We see planes from time to time, but it's easy to forget that for every one you can see there are probably several you can't.
Take a look at the phone or tablet of any aviation geek, and you probably find the same apps time and time again: FlightAware for general flight information, LiveATC for aircraft radio communications, as well as two particularly interesting flight tracking apps.
This website uses cookies to make your browsing experience more enjoyable and efficient. Find out more about our use of cookies. Anyone interested in seeing live air traffic will adore this app given that it presents its data in glorious 3D. Using your fingers, you can move around the terrain, see planes as they fly overhead and zoom in.
3 Alternatives to Plane Finder
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