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Answer Bot by Zendesk alternatives and competitors

1 review

Answer Bot is built into Zendesk Guide and uses machine learning to respond to customer questions with content from your knowledge base. As the tickets come in, Answer Bot learns which help article is best suited to answer specific questions. It’s designed to provide answers to simple support inquiries, like those concerning product specs, order statuses, and subscription changes.

Top alternatives for Answer Bot by Zendesk

Jotform Apps
Create powerful apps with no code
  • Custom Bots by Intercom

    1 review

    Qualify leads automatically, book more meetings and hit your number by creating the perfect bot for your business. Your bots work all day every day – starting conversations, asking the right questions and delivering the most qualified leads right to your sales team.

    That’s great and for those who don’t know it is included on the early stage enterprise plan πŸ‘

    First I didn’t know so I started to try landin…

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  • Dashly.io (ex. Carrrot.io)

    12 reviews

    Now it is Dashly.io

    Streamline your funnel with our messaging platform. Track traffic sources to acquire visitors personally. Send a welcome campaign after they sign up and then nurture these leads on every stage of the funnel.

    I specially like this carrrot design, it's nice!

  • Operator by Intercom

    1 review

    Operator by Intercom is a customer service chatbot that handles simple tasks so you can focus on things only humans can do.

    Intercom seems to always add features around the same time that I begin to want them. This was something I had recently been looking into fo…

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  • HelpCrunch Knowledge Base

    6 reviews
    With Knowledge base πŸ“– in HelpCrunch you can:
    πŸ“š Create beautiful SEO-optimized help articles in minutes
    πŸ’¬ Send articles to customers and assist them further via chat
    🌟 Provide 5-star customer self-service and minimize your support volume.
  • Faqbot 2.0

    We turn your FAQ page into a chatbot in minutes. Build your own chatbot with custom conversation flow for customer support, sales or lead generation purposes.

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  • ScopeAI

    Extract insights from customer conversations using AI
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  • Why Do I Procrastinate?

    6 reviews

    This is a quick quiz that is based on the book The Procrastination Equation. It helps you identify and isolate the exact reason for your procrastination, and offers suggestions to fix it immediately.

    I gave this a quick whirl and it actually got me thinking about why I was procrastinating.

  • Clippy for your website

    Clippy for your website is the best way to help your visitors. The same office assistant we all know and love is now available for your website – to help and direct your visitors to where they need to go.

  • Chatbot by Joonbot

    6 reviews
    Joonbot is a no-code & easy-to-use conversation maker built for marketers and founders, helping them increase their website conversion rate.
    Create custom conversational interfaces in minutes that hold hundred of conversations at the same time.
  • FAQbot

    Transform passive FAQ to a conversational experience
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  • Helpdesk by LabiDesk

    7 reviews
    Free options
    LabiDesk is all-in-one help desk software for Omni Channel Support: Shared Email Inbox, Ticketing System, HelpWidget, Knowledge Base, Live Chat. Assist, Engage and Sell to your customers!
  • Alterra Answers

    1 review

    Alterra Answers is an AI-powered app for Zendesk that instantly resolves support tickets by finding the right answers in Zendesk Guide.

    It helps companies to reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction thanks to shorter time to resolution.

    I like it

  • Answer Bot by Intercom

    3 reviews

    On average, Answer Bot instantly resolves 29% of your customers’ most common questions and reduces your customer response time by 44%. Your sales and support teams will be more efficient, and your customers’ more satisfied.

    Multiple possibilities from just one product! Intercom's next chapter could not be more exciting! I cannot wait to put into work and make wo…

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  • HelpSpace

    2 reviews
    HelpSpace will simplify your support by piping all emails into a beautiful dashboard. You have multiple e-Mail addresses for different products? No problem, you can add multiple email channels and much more.
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  • Zendesk Sell

    1 review

    Zendesk Sell is sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes, & pipeline visibility for sales teams. That means less time updating tasks, more time building relationships & selling. Sell has the data required to drive your sales team to consistently hit your targets with drag-and-drop dashboards and 30+ out-of-the-box reports.

    I use Base to track Professional Service projects. Love being able to see all of my company’s communication with the client in one place

  • Frequently

    Frequently is the easiest way to create FAQ pages for your projects or company!

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  • Tars Chatbot πŸ”— Zendesk Chat

    An integration that lets Tars chatbots seamlessly hand conversations off to a human agent in Zendesk.
    Using this integration:
    πŸ‘‰Tars users can add live chat to their chatbots
    πŸ‘‰Zendesk users can automate up to 70% of their customer conversations
  • Shopify Product Cards by Live Chat

    LiveChat Product Cards for Shopify let you browse your store’s offers in the LiveChat Agent App and send product recommendations to your customers in the chat window. Every card consists of an image, a description, and a link to your store’s page.
  • LeadLizard

    1 review

    LeadLizard is the easiest way to capture and qualify leads on your website, with a smart widget that asks questions to your customers and visitors and feeds their data directly to you through a set of different integrations, from email to Slack to Google Spreadsheets.

    Live chat is never Live - it takes time, its frustrating and you lose leads. Making it a chatbot/form/survey makes alot more sense. And the …

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  • Faqbot 3.0

    Faqbot transforms companies' FAQ page into automated chat. We use best-in-class artificial intelligence to understand, reduce customer support volume and scale.

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