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Capture an image or idea, mark it up and share on your phone
Top Annotate by Driftt alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Pinpoint

    Markup screenshots on iOS
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  • Weava is a workspace for research where you can highlight, organize and collaborate your research materials.

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    I really like Weave, I used to use Liner, and I gotta say Weave is far more complete with lots of extra features.

    Still on the free plan, but…

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  • Instashot is an iOS tool to help you access text from any image instantly.

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    It looks like they're using an OCR API such as MSFT's or Google's. I've tried using them in the past, unfortunately these apis are the not u…

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  • This

    Tell the story by adding pointers and commentary to photos
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  • Airsketch

    A streamlined interface, support for recording videos, fast sharing, and nothing to configure. Try Cloud Sketch for free to share anything with anyone.

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  • marker.js 2

    Add image annotation capabilities to your web apps:
    - 10 marker types
    - move, resize, and rotate
    - change colors and styles
    - inline or popup
    - customizable UI
    - save and recall state
    - mouse, touch, or pen
    - full TypeScript support
    - extendable
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  • Control V

    The product and the marketing aren't 100% baked yet, but I was rush to release it today in honor of Larry Tesler, who invented the copy & paste. He just passed away this week.
    Control V is the most fastest 🏃🏼‍♀️ solution to share images in your clipboard.
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  • Annotate Screen

    Browser based annotation tool. Free and easy to markup images. Upload any images or take screenshot of your screen. Without any accounts. Just annotate!
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  • We’ve created an all-in-one platform that allows machine learning teams to prepare training datasets for machine learning. Upload data, add your team and build custom datasets in hours.
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  • Annotate!

    Point out the important details with stickers
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  • DS2.ai

    Free options
    End-to-end MLOps platform that automates the process of AI implementation.
    ✅ Use you existing data to build an AI model!
    ✅ Save time labeling with the Auto-labeling technology!
    ✅ Develop your AI model in less than 3 days!
    ✅ Deploy your model with just a click!
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  • Librarian

    Librarian is a Chrome extension that enhances arXiv papers. Get direct links to references, BibTeX extraction and comments on all arXiv papers.

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  • Colapixel

    Create stories with annotated photos and videos
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  • Hover Me

    Hover me lets you quickly annotate any image and easily integrate an interactive version within your own website.
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  • Picsell.ia, the french image annotation platform designed to simplify and speed up your custom Dataset creation.
    Eliminate friction by using smart annotation tools, pre-trained model, collaboration, project management and review in one single place.
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