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Airdrops by CoinList

The compliant way to award and collect tokens

Airdrops by CoinList is the first compliant way to award and collect tokens from new decentralized networks. Projects can bootstrap their communities, and users get access to the hottest new tokens.

Inside Bitcoins - News, Price, Events
This story was shared from this siteThe company has worked on token distribution and fundraising so far, but its latest product focuses on giving away tokens to spur user adoption. Facebook Comments
Who thought giving something away c ould be so complicated? That's the question crypto innovators have had to come to terms with since the concept of " airdrops" - or the practice of gifting tokens in massive giveaways - has come under the scrutiny of government regulators.
Crowdfund Insider
CoinList, an independent platform spun out by team AngelList, has announced a new service: Airdrops by CoinList - a compliant way to award and collect tokens. Emphasis on compliance. As initial coin offerings (ICOs) are going mainstream and becoming professionalized, CoinList is adding a feature that is widely
10 Alternatives to Airdrops by CoinList

What is your favorite product for finding jobs?

Andrew TyeTrying to make things people want
AngelList - Invest in startups online
"Easy to filter the jobs based on visa requirements. One click application process."
Hired - The marketplace where tech companies compete to hire you!
"** I have used hired 2 times and got a job, in fact i recently broke a company record by being "hired" within 8 hours of being listed on th… See more
Relocate 2.0 - Job relocation made easy
"I love this one. This is really helpful if you're looking to relocate. The UI is amazing"

What's the best app for finding a remote job?

Brandi Lea
Remote OK - The biggest remote job board on the web
"Has a good amount of remote listings. Made by no other than Pieter Levels."
AngelList - Invest in startups online
"In terms of time spent / quality of the jobs, AngelList Jobs win for me. On sites like UpWork you will lose dozens of hours by applying to… See more
We Work Remotely - Find your next remote job
"Awesome for this purpose, managed by wonderful people and you get newsletters everyday of some of the newest jobs."

What’s the best place to find investors for your startup?

Ayrton De CraeneCode @ Product Hunt
AngelList - Invest in startups online
"Only really good if you have great traction behind you, or you are "somebody" (i.e. founded something else big and exited, or know one of t… See more
Gust - Global platform for the sourcing of early-stage investments
"While this has been around for a long time and AngelList fixes many of Gust's issues it's still used as an 'application process' by a bunch… See more - The world's largest Startup Launch Platform
" is a good place to find investors as its a huge network of people in the startup industry. Alternatively, you can cold reach ou… See more

What are the best early-stage social networks where a thought-leader can build a strong following?

Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden
AngelList - Invest in startups online
"I think AngelList, while it isn't your conventional social network, it is a great platform to connect with people, network, and build a fan… See more
Anchor 2.0 - Make audio Stories, with voice, music, clips, and call-ins
"Seems like this is the place to be right now for building something."
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