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6 alternative and related products to andcards Suite

andcards Suite
Membership app for coworking spaces

andcards Suite is the coworking space management software that automates routines and allows managers to socialize with customers rather than boring paperwork. Manage customers, book meeting rooms, pay with credit cards, and integrate all IoT devices.

6 Alternatives to andcards Suite

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Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson- I've got a few things going on...
As someone who works remotely from home (whether it's my home or a hotel somewhere), I need to get out of the house, converse with people and have a place to meet. Croissant is the most affordable way to experience a variety of amazing co-working spaces without committing to a single desk in one city or an expensive plan with one of the big co-working spaces… See more
8 Alternatives to Croissant 2.0

Flexday turns restaurant downtime into a network of productive workspaces for less than the monthly cost of coffee. Get fast wifi, complementary coffee or tea and power within reach at each location. Get the app for a free trial.

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In our Entrepreneur Spotlight, we profile business leaders who are not only successful, but also agents of change. We hope you leave inspired to take action and with a bit more confidence in your unique abilities. This week, we profile Justin Raymond, the founder and CEO of Flexday on building his seventh business, and his rules for success.
Toronto is home to world-class restaurants that come to life as night falls on the city, but during the day, they often sit vacant and empty. But now one startup has figured out a way to make use of the city's restaurants when they're not bustling with diners.
Marben general manager Zoran White is usually the only one tapping away at a computer in the King West restaurant while it's closed during the day. He spends most afternoons emailing clients, purveyors and staff, surrounded by empty plush booths and bar stools, until service begins at 5 p.m.
The Globe and Mail
The most expensive thing in a restaurant is an empty seat, according to restaurateur Erik Joyal. That's why Mr. Joyal and co-owner John Sinopoli are partnering their Gare de l'Est Brasserie restaurant with Flexday - a Toronto startup that transforms restaurants into workspaces during their downtime.
4 Alternatives to Flexday
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