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Amp My Site alternatives and competitors

⚡️ Amp My Site is a great way to create AMP pages once and set it and forget it! It will automatically update your AMP page when you make changes on your site.

Unlimited pages and unlimited updated mean you don't have to every worry about creating AMP pages again.

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Top Amp My Site alternatives
Put SOC 2 compliance on autopilot
  • Automatically generate beautiful visual sitemaps + high-resolution screenshots of any PUBLIC or PRIVATE website or web-app, making it fast and easy to perform in-depth site audits for UI, UX, SEO, and marketing research.
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  • Visual Stories

    Visual Stories is a blogging and content marketing platform that empowers you to create awesome posts using the AMP Stories format. AMP Stories are Instagram-like Stories that are search engine friendly. They are visually engaging, fast loading, immersive user experiences. Start a visual blog on your own website, or guest blog on other websites.

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  • amptemplates.io is a collection of AMP templates from all over the web. The project is aimed at making beautiful templates & AMP technology accessible for all. It also includes a very early stage drag and drop AMP template builder.

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    Do let me know if you are interested in AMPTEMPLATES.COM or AMPPLUGINS.COM or other first-hour premium domain names for this solution. I wan…

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  • Hey guys,
    We are launching Product Hunt Stories. All the top 10 products of the day displayed as an AMP Story. Just a fun project trying to find the use case for AMP Stories ( https://ampproject.org/stories )
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  • Overamped

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    Overamped is a Safari Web Extension that redirects AMP pages to their canonical version, effectively disabling AMP in Safari. It works with any website that links to an AMP page, including Google. It also redirect Yandex Turbo, Yandex's equivalent of AMP.
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