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Amp My Site
Unlimited autogenerated AMP pages for your static sites

⚡️ Amp My Site is a great way to create AMP pages once and set it and forget it! It will automatically update your AMP page when you make changes on your site.

Unlimited pages and unlimited updated mean you don't have to every worry about creating AMP pages again.

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4 Alternatives to Amp My Site

Automatically generate beautiful visual sitemaps + high-resolution screenshots of any PUBLIC or PRIVATE website or web-app, making it fast and easy to perform in-depth site audits for UI, UX, SEO, and marketing research.

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Artur Maklyarevsky We are the ONLY platform that autogenerates beautiful VISUAL architecture of any PUBLIC or PRIVATE website or web-app. What you to take you 10hrs to manually great an accurate 500-page site map, will now take .. 10 minutes 😱 Notable Features: 💥Export Sitemaps as PDF and Import into Sketch or AI for 1000% customization. 💥… See more
13 Alternatives to VisualSitemaps

Visual Stories is a blogging and content marketing platform that empowers you to create awesome posts using the AMP Stories format. AMP Stories are Instagram-like Stories that are search engine friendly. They are visually engaging, fast loading, immersive user experiences. Start a visual blog on your own website, or guest blog on other websites.

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Tool It to the Aesthetics Visual Stories is a visual blogging platform for writers, bloggers and marketers to create visually engaging AMP Stories with minimal efforts. The AMP Story Builder by Visual Stories, one of a kind tool, driven by latest technologies to deliver immersive user experiences.
AMP Stories, the perfect blend of rich visuals and crisp content, make the user sink into its new immersive experience. This storytelling format demystifies the site content for the mobile users, helping them to connect to your site. So, without a delay, create AMP Stories with the AMP Story Builder and carve out your own niche as an AMPlified website!
Stories Gain Trust 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy! 'Selling' being the ultimate goal of marketing, building trustworthy relations with the potential buyers is exigent. AMP Stories will help marketers make a headway in developing a deeper connection with the audience, as they add a human element to your content.
Top-grade branding, best aesthetics and high revenue are the upshots of AMP Stories being used for e-commerce websites. What are you waiting for? With the easy-to-use AMP Story Builder on Visual Stories, craft your e-commerce website with the perfect fit of AMP Stories.
AMP Stories are Google's entry into the Stories format which is currently ruling the social media. These Stories are already held in high regard by news media giants like CNN, Vox, Mashable, etc., but that doesn't mean it is limited to news stories. The attributes of AMP Stories are perfect for e-commerce business if used correctly.
So sign up with Visual Stories and start posting AMP Stories on a website that best suits your niche. This will help you optimize your content marketing effort and channelize it in the right direction.
TechTrends is a multi-tenant, multi-site platform that has a multi-author AMP CMS at its core. It lets publishers create winsome websites that are optimized for mobile, speed and search engine rankings. These websites harness cutting-edge web technologies and have AMP-paired articles and AMP Stories as their content format.
Launched by Google in February 2018, AMP Stories have come a long way since then. At first, embraced by select news media publishers like CNN, Merideth, The Washington Post, etc., the visually enthralling AMP Stories are now deployed by all kinds of online businesses.
Speed plays a pivotal role in content marketing. AMP Stories load twice as fast than regular web pages, keeping the users engaged for long. This makes it easier to view more content for an extended time span. Google gives higher preference to fast-loading mobile pages, which further strengthens your stand on the web.
In the whirlwind of today's fast-paced life, people rarely stop to pass more than a cursory glance at lengthy, text-heavy articles. No matter how well-written, plain text is no longer sufficient for today's readers. They need an extra spark to really connect with your words.
AMP Stories are Instagram/Snapchat like Stories which provide fast-loading, full-screen, tap-through, visually rich, and immersive user experience, and are searchable and shareable on the web. As AMP Stories independently appear in the Google carousel, they open up even more possibilities to rank higher and generate organic traffic for your website.
Is There a Simple Way to Create AMP Stories? If creating AMP Stories from scratch is too much for you, don't worry; ' AMP Story Builder' a professional Story creation tool by Visual Stories is here to the rescue.
With Discover, Google is now focusing more on the visual content. So, images, videos, infographics will have more visibility than mere textual content. AMP Stories, being a visually-driven content format launched by Google, is sure to dominate the Discover feed and eventually Google SERP.
AMP Stories load faster than regular web pages, which in turn, can boost users' time on site. Writers and bloggers, can write and post content in this contemporary Stories format and grow their online presence. Also, it benefits marketers and business owners, to create brand awareness, leading to better return on investment (ROI).
You can create your own AMP Stories on Visual Stories, a platform that provides you with all the necessary tools for the same. Its AMP Story Builder lets you create AMP Stories that are fast-loading, visually-dynamic and riveting, without disturbing your online presence.
6 Alternatives to Visual Stories
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