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Altpocket - BETA

Social gamification of your crypto portfolio

22 alternative and related products to Altpocket - BETA


The Most Advanced Crypto Portfolio Tracker 🚀

Cryptagon is the most advanced crypto portfolio tracker.

Automatically import from exchange & wallet.

Track +2000 cryptocurrencies & alt coins.

Use it on Desktop, iOS & Android.

Secure and Free. ⚡️

Amy Pawl-Frederico
It automatically imports my portfolio from both GDAX and Binance.
John Alexander- Growth @ shoflo
These guys are awesome and adding new features constantly. Integrates with quite a few exchanges for automatic transaction tracking.
Brent Chow- Co-Founder at SVRF
Clean and beautiful UI. API integration with a few top exchanges.
Check out a great app for cryptocurrency portfolio tracking called Cryptagon. The app is currently free to use and offers trade importing using a secure API connection. Learn more at -
(Full disclosure - this is a little bit of a plug, but even if you don't use Cryptagon, this is a really important analysis to do.)
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A customizable dashboard for all your cryptocurrency needs

CryptoMoney is A customizable dashboard for all your cryptocurrency needs.

The Crypto craze has not hit full saturation until I release some tool to monitor it. Since I enjoy building monitoring projects, I felt it was the right time to re-purpose the Docker Prometheus stack for something even more significant. Enter stage right, Monitoring Cryptocurrencies.
Making an awesome dashboard for your crypto currencies in 3 steps
If you have invested in crypto currencies in order to hodl them you might find yourself checking the prices every couple days hours minutes. I've been there and I wanted a way to have everything I care about on one page. So I implemented this simple Grafana dashboard on top of InfluxDB and polling the data via PHP.
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Track all the latest tokens, ICOs and cryptocurrency news

Vinit Agrawal- Co-Founder at Tars (
Get the triggers right in your messenger.
Vinit Agrawal- Co-Founder at Tars (
Me being a ChatBot guy, would definitely recommend this one. Recently got featured here on PH.
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Crypto Central

Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker 💸

Crypto Central is a new kind of cryptocurrencies portfolio.

Track your crypto investments in a heartbeat, check the coins market cap to avoid sh*t coins and read the last news of the crypto world to win the trading war.

Crypto Central helps you stay on the top of the crypto game.

Available on IOS, Android and web.

Vincent Tellier- Crypto Central maker
Nice app! (Disclosure: I built it 😜)
Raphaël Sabatier
A great app! Nicely designed, clear view of portforlio and values. The one to have to keep an eye on your coins!
Quentin Gosset- Hello world !
i like realy so much this app, clear view, nice futur feature (trading,multi account,...)
After a couple of weeks of development, we are proud to announce the first version of Crypto Central is live! ✌️ As product makers and crypto lovers, we searched for a nice UX/UI app, with core features as market prices, profit/loss indicator and market capitalization but we never had a crush on the perfect solution.
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A decentralized Twitter built on Ethereum

Instead of receiving "likes" on Twitter, you get "tips" for good content on Leeroy - and get paid real ether.

The Blockchain Investments Blog
In 2016, Steemit pioneered the world's first blockchain-based decentralized social network and in my view remains one of the most important blockchain projects today. Boiled down to its simplest form, Steemit is a kind of reddit with the property that creating interesting content, or curating it effectively, will earn users real money on the platform in the … See more
11 Alternatives to Leeroy
Christopher Leach- Programmer and Student
For a mobile wallet I 100% recommend jaxx just backup!!!!
Stores keys on the device rather than in the cloud. Integration with
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Jaxx is probably the most popular wallet if you're looking for both a well-designed desktop and mobile app. They currently have the higher cap assets and are continually adding more. It has a pretty intuitive UI for new users.
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📈 Intuitive crypto portfolios, powered by Blockstack

Coins is an encrypted cryptocurrency portfolio management tool created on top of Blockstack. Built from the ground up to measure your performance at varying scales, from fine-grain to high-level insights. Try out the demo and see how easy we make it to analyze your investments.

Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locally. Take back control over your digital life. A browser is all you need to get started.
Congrats to @aulneau_ and @vockerfoos on winning the first @blockstack bounty!
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NVO Wallet Beta 1.0.0

Sleek looking, multi-cryptocurrencies desktop wallet

NVO Wallet beta is multi-cryptocurrencies desktop wallet for secure storage of your blockchain assets. Later, a decentralized exchange will be integrated directly to the wallet so you can securely exchange your coins. Please make sure you try the wallet knowing that this is the very early beta of the wallet.

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An open source p2p crypto wallet for TRON Network

TronWallet is an open source fully decentralized p2p crypto wallet for TRON Network built with React Native.

Today, we're excited to announce the first release of TronWallet! You can get it on the Google Play (and very soon on the Apple iOS store). I remember when we started developing TronWallet four...
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Lumi Wallet

🥇 Crypto wallet & exchange. Secure, easy & handy.

Lumi wallet is secure, easy-to-use crypto wallet that suits both new and advanced users. It bundles user friendly design and high-end functionality. Lumi supports both ETH and BTC and the most popular tokens. In-wallet exchange allows you to exchange coins fast and easy. Lumi does not require any personal data and keep your personality anonymous.

Are you a new Bitcoin user? If it is true, you need to buy, download, or create a bitcoin wallet before you get bitcoins. Bitcoin wallets contain private keys; secret codes that allow you to spend your bitcoins. However, it's not bitcoins that need to be stored and secured, but the private keys that give you access to them.
The Merkle
The most popular question among cryptocurrency holders sounds like this: Can I hold the most popular coins and tokens in one place and not have to worry about security? Of course, you can. Sounds impossible? is the most secure, easy-to-use crypto wallet that suits both new and advanced users.
Lumi developers have launched web interface for your favourite crypto wallet. It is as easy and reliable as mobile version. Here you have two options: you can sign up or import your existing wallet into new Lumi account if it meets the BIP 44 derivation standard.
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Trade cryptocurrencies instantly, with no account needed

ShapeShift is the fastest, safest cryptocurrency exchange today - no account needed.

Qaher Salahaldin
it works with no account
Bitcoin News, the premier source for all things Bitcoin, is pleased to announce that our development team has integrated the tool within the Wallet so users can shift between bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) all within the platform's interface.
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Cryptocurrency price, news, alerts & portfolio tracker

ACrypto is another crypto currency app for all your trading needs. Acrypto is a Bitcoin / Altcoin price checker using which you can track the latest prices, find arbitrage opportunities, maintain portfolio, get alerts from more than 200 coins including bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoin exchanges and markets in top 20 currencies around the world.

Hari Krishna Dulipudi- Maker of ACrypto, AnExplorer & VisaList
* Basic Price tracker for top 1000+ cryptocurrencies * Altcoin List in different FIAT currencies * CryptoCurrency News from multiple news sites * Arbitrage opportunities for multiple currencies * Alerts for price and arbitrage change * Maintain all your portfolio in a single place * Advanced charts for pro traders
Hari Krishna Dulipudi- Maker of ACrypto, AnExplorer & VisaList
* Basic Price tracker for top 1000+ cryptocurrencies * Altcoin List in different FIAT currencies * CryptoCurrency News from multiple news sites * Arbitrage opportunities for multiple currencies * Alerts for price and arbitrage change * Maintain all your portfolio in a single place * Advanced charts for pro traders
Hari Krishna Dulipudi- Maker of ACrypto, AnExplorer & VisaList
* Basic Price tracker for top 1000+ cryptocurrencies * Altcoin List in different FIAT currencies * CryptoCurrency News from multiple news sites * Arbitrage opportunities for multiple currencies * Alerts for price and arbitrage change * Maintain all your portfolio in a single place * Advanced charts for pro traders
The emotional interview with Hari who has created ACrypto - the ultimate cryptocurrency tracker. Hi CryptoHackers. My name is Hari Krishna and I'm from a small town called Tenali in India. I have 8 years of experience in building consumer products and marketplace at consulting, service and product companies.
Indie Hackers
Hi. I'm Hari Krishna, a computer science graduate from India. I have been a developer, an engineering manager, a product manager, an entrepreneur, a designer, and a growth hacker for the last eight years. I'm currently working on ACrypto, an all-in-one cryptocurrency tool for traders.
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Cryptonomy 2.0 is community based social network for crypto-enthusiasts. With fake news, fraud, and the technical complexities of this space, we wanted to make it easier to discover and deliberate various crypto/blockchain projects with fellow crypto-enthusiasts.

Stop the FUD, spread the LUV <3 :)

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Ledger Nano S - Pizza Day

Limited edition of the cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Our Nano S Pizza Day limited edition has the same features than the classic Nano S, but with a twist on its usual black-and-steel look. A limited quantity of 1,337 units is available on our website. Every box was customized and signed by one of our employees from our workshop in Vierzon, France.

6 Alternatives to Ledger Nano S - Pizza Day

Blockport is a social crypto exchange that enables everyone to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. The social trading features enable users to follow and copy each others portfolio and trading activities on the platform. The Blockport token (BPT) is used as a means of payment integrated natively on our platform. Buy BPT now at KuCoin exchange.

5 Alternatives to Blockport


Your all-in-one cryptocurrency address book

Cryptodex is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to store and access your most-used cryptocurrency addresses and public keys for over thirty currencies and counting. Right click to paste addresses into the browser or highlight them to immediately match them to your existing entries.

5 Alternatives to Cryptodex

CSC is a space MMORPG that is combining Diablo 3 gameplay style (with spaceship) and an EVE Online economy powered by Ethereum. CSC will provide players true ownership of their game items secured by the blockchain. In CSC, players will be able to mine, craft, hunt and explore the EtherVerse like never before.

Crypto Bit Games
We interrupt this televised broadcast to bring you an important message: you are being called to action to participate in Mining Expedition Alpha. From the talented team at Lucid Sight and the creators of Crypto Space Commander (CSC) comes their very first pre-launch mini-game.
585 Views Los Angeles based game developer Lucid Sight… See more
Crypto Space Commanders first player event: MEA Crypto Space Commander getting ready to start up its first mini game. Aimed at providing resources and resource location information for commanders that are taking part in the ship presale. The MEA event is sceduled to start on May 4 2018.
Hello Commanders! Last week we released our first official gameplay trailer along with a Dev's Play where our CSC lead designer-Steve, lead engineer-Jose, and our CTO- Fazri have fun playing and explaining game mechanics- meant to give our users a first look at this traditional MMO experience on the Ethereum blockchain.
Hello Commanders! Today is an exciting day for CSC! We will be releasing our first teaser trailer featuring in-engine gameplay footage. Check out the video link below to see our FIRST Lucid Sight Dev Diary, which begins with a brief highlight of CSC and dives right in to our first teaser trailer for the game.
Hi, commanders! We have some big announcements for you today, as we are now entering the month of June, and CSC development is in full swing. See below for our latest updates. The Game Both a Gameplay unveiling and an alpha playable are on their way!
Hello Commanders! Today we are going to take a deeper dive into ship modules, crafting, deconstruction, and blueprints in CSC. As a commander in the CSC EtherVerse you are always looking for an edge. Be it in battle, on a trade mission or in a mining op, how your ship is loaded out will make the difference between success or failure.
The value of crafting in CSC should not be underestimated - every single item in the game can be crafted, and only the most astute commanders will experiment and discover what makes what. Here, we'll give a detailed look at crafting as well as briefly touching on modules, one of the most important types of items commanders can craft in CSC.
Attention, Commanders! The following is a Galactic Service Announcement directly from the Federation - Mining Expedition Alpha, CSC's very first pre-launch mini-game, will commence today at 6:00 PM PST. Head to your hangar and prepare your fleet for this automated mining operation.
Greetings, Commanders! Many of you have had some questions about the early development of Crypto Space Commander. These questions have helped us immensely in scoping out what we need to accomplish to get CSC to where we want it to be.
With Mining Expedition Alpha just around the corner, May 10th (Moved from the 4th), we thought this would be a great time to go into more detail about the MEA mini-game event and discuss one major aspect of our industrial game mechanic, resource mining.
Greetings, Commanders! Here we'll give a brief overview of some of the initial ship classes and the 3 main ship manufacturers you'll find in the CSC EtherVerse. The first of our starships is the Scout, a shuttle-sized flyer with very limited module slots.
As the Galactic Fleet preps for its big expansion into Fringe Space - code-named "Operation Radius" - you, a newly-enlisted commander, along with your fellow peers have been given the green light to participate in Mining Expedition Alpha and send out automated ships to scout and mine 50+ star systems. During the expedition, you'll be permitted to send out as… See more
Proxima Trading Outpost is an extremely rare item in the CSC universe, so rare we'll NEVER offer anything like this again. To understand why, let me go into a little bit of the economics and structure of CSC's P2P Marketplaces. In CSC, space will be divided into two regions we call Core and Fringe.
Greetings, Commanders! Welcome to my first blog post discussing the game design of Crypto Space Commander (CSC). We'll review a variety of design elements throughout the course of the game's development. As a game designer, I've worked in the video game industry for about 20 years now - wow, that feels like a long time!
This is the first in a series of blogs detailing the development, thoughts, and ideas we'll explore throughout our journey of creating Crypto Space Commander. We'll start with a quick background on who we are. Lucid Sight is comprised of seasoned game industry veterans bringing years of top-level talent to the blockchain gaming industry.
Crypto Bit Games
Crypto Space Commander brings a rich EtherVerse where players can grind, craft, profit, and ultimately rule the Verse! We had a chance to connect with the pioneering team at Lucid Sight to learn more about their team and their exciting new crypto games.
The Crypto Collectors
We are thrilled to present Crypto Space Commander as our very first Blockchain Game of Week! They just launched their presale. Get ready for TAKE OFF !! Crypto Space Commander is developed by Lucid Sight, a top-level talented team in the gaming industry founded in 2015.
LA developer Lucid Sight has started an item pre-sale for its forthcoming blockchain game Crypto Space Commander (CSC). Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the browser game was developed using Unity and requires the MetaMask wallet and in that manner at least it works like a typical blockchain game.
A sea-change in crypto space looks more likely than ever with the announcement that Lucid Sight, a Los Angeles based gaming developer, recently sold three "digital assets" for its Crypto Space Commander game for a record 142 ETH (over $90,000). Crypto Space Commander is an in-development Space Sandbox MMO game which will run on the Ethereum blockchain.
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What app are you using for crypto portfolio management and visualization?

marekjckFounder @ CoinTrades
Delta - Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.
"Delta is best :D"
BitWorth - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker
"Beautifully designed app & easy to use."
BitUniverse - FREE track your cryptocurrency assets with API AUTO-IMPORT
"Pros: Frankly, the API integration of ALL major exchanges by BitUniverse does the trick. I don't have to update my portfolio on the app aft… See more

What is the best app to track my Altcoins?

Ali AfzalBlockchain Expert
Blockfolio - Effortlessly monitor & manage all your crypto in one place
"Mobile-first version."
Delta - Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.
"As the maker of Delta, it's hard to be objective. But read the comments on our Product Hunt submission and you'll soon believe why Delta is… See more
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