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10 Alternatives to AlternativeTo

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Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma- Full Stack Developer @ Siftery
Simple and elegant UI
Ayan Barua
Ayan Barua- Cofounder, Siftery
I might be totally biased here folks, but honestly, it's gotta be Siftery! Some of the things we are building now will spice it up even more.
Gerry Giacoman Colyer
Gerry Giacoman Colyer- Siftery / Make the world a smaller place
Voted 2016 Community Product of the Year by Product Hunters!
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When companies have to pick what kinds of services they want for their operation - like marketing or human resources - they can easily be paralyzed by choice. That's why Vamshi Mokshagundam and Ayan Barua decided to start Siftery, a database of sorts where companies list their software stacks.
We've seen a massive change in the enterprise software market in the last dozen years and it can be described by four numbers (20, 10, 12, and 4).
NewCo Shift
Get Shift Done: Management Adding a new online solution to the lineup your company already uses can be a challenge. After all, how do you know they'll all work together? It used to take a time-consuming combination of research and trial and error to answer that question. That is, until Siftery came along.
Tech in Asia
The development of our app, Siftery, started in mid-2015, with the first user account registered on July 30. For the remainder of that year, the app remained in closed beta, with the number of users at only a few hundred large. The team decided that January 20, 2016 would be our launch date.
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Personalized software recommendations based on your stack

Personalized Product Recommendations AI answers the question "What software product should I use?

A machine learning solution that can be used at scale to make software recommendations tailored to each user. Powering the models is data on nearly 33,000 products and over 375,000 companies that use and recommend them.

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Siftery Blog
We get it - it's like every day you're getting pitched a different technology product or service. If it seems like there's thousands of solutions out there for you to wade through, well - that's because there are! Just look at this graphic from our friends at Martech tracking the growth of marketing technology solutions over the past few years (from ~150 in … See more
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Find popular alternatives to anything in a jiffy

When I am exploring alternatives to a product or service, I often to go Google, type "[product] vs ", and just see what it autocompletes. That usually tells me the most popular competitors. If I want to be thorough I'll do the same for the competitors, etc.

This tool just does that automatically for you.

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Find the best software and alternatives

SaaSHub is your independent software marketplace. Our goal is to help end users find the best software and product alternatives while helping software vendors improve their online presence and promote their software.

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Get recommendations you love, from people you know.

Likewise gets you recommendations from people you know and trust, instead of relying on the opinions of strangers. Spend your time learning what folks are loving, not weeding through reviews.

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A new startup cooked up by one of Bill Gates' top executives, hatched in his office and funded by the Microsoft co-founder himself, is coming out of hiding today after more than a year of development under the radar. Likewise is the brainchild of Larry Cohen, the former Microsoft communications...
When you use Yelp for restaurant recommendations or TripAdvisor for places to see, you're often putting the fate of your travel or dining experience in the hands of a stranger. Likewise is a new app that gathers recommendations from people you know or trust. And these recommendations aren't limited to one thing.
BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Likewise Inc. today announced the availability of the new Likewise app to help people quickly find great restaurants, movies, TV shows, books and more based on recommendations from their friends, family, and others they trust and admire.
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Product recommendations from people you trust

At MASSE, we believe the best way to find a product is to ask the people we trust. Looking for that perfect something? Imagine searching and only seeing results recommended by people like you.

MASSE makes it easy to share and shop recommendations with friends. No paid-for posts or sponsored content. Just a community of shoppers you can trust.

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Shopping platform MASSE makes it easier to purchase and share products that your friends and family also enjoy. MASSE Co-Founders Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff join Cheddar to discuss how working at influenced the creation of their new platform.
It just so happens that now-business partners Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff became new mothers a day apart. The two first met at Moda Operandi (where Shaffer served as Director of Product and Brockhoff Product Manager) and worked together again starting up
Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff of co-founded MASSE, an app that facilitates and keeps track of product recommendations.
The Business of Fashion
By Cathaleen Chen November 13, 2018 05:27 NEW YORK, United States - When former product managers Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff gave birth one day apart, the two friends suddenly had so much to bond - and commiserate - over. Among the most frustrating elements of being new mothers was choosing what products to buy.
Rating and price
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AI-powered recomendations as a service

Recombee is an Artificial Intelligence Powered Recommender as a Service

Sungho Yahng
Sungho Yahng- LearnObit
Recommendation feature
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller- AI Research Analyst, CognitionX
Recommendations as a service
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The e-commerce boom makes online environment more competitive. Internet retailers seek competitive advantages and a personalized experience for their clients is one of them. To achieve truly personalized experience, one has got to know individual users and learned their habits.
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