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Alpaca Trading API alternatives and competitors

Alpaca Trading API is a commission-free stock trading API for developers to build trading algorithms and applications with ease. (Securities are offered by Alpaca Securities LLC)

Top Alpaca Trading API alternatives
Speech-to-text APIs by AssemblyAI
APIs to automatically transcribe and understand audio
  • Robinhood for iOS

    Robinhood for iOS is a brand-new app with expansive research and discovery tools aimed to make you a better-informed investor.

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  • Robinhood Instant

    The fastest way to trade stocks. Instant access to deposits
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  • Alpaca Broker API allows us to offer each component of the brokerage service including opening accounts, booking money movements, giving out rewards, commission-free trading of U.S. stocks, fractional shares trading, and more.
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    This is a scam. I used them for many months without issues. Then I needed to withdraw funds as markets started falling. They have flat ou…See more
  • Tradologics is the fastest way to go from idea to trading stocks, ETFs, Futures, FX, and Crypto – without infrastructure headaches. It is a huge time and money saver to experienced traders and an enabler to new ones.
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  • Jellifin now lets you trade stocks, ETFs, and options (and index options), commission-free.

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    Great product with tons of potential. I'm fully transitioning from Robinhood, now that jellifin supports stocks I'll be selling and re-ente…

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  • Trade smarter not harder
    - Real-time notifications so you never miss a trade
    - Uncover potential investment opportunities
    - Grow your network and your net worth
    - Supported on iOS & Android
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  • ThinkingLonger

    A source for doing better than buying an S&P 500 Index fund. You can buy stocks that have outperformed the S&P 500 Index over many years. Invest through tax-preferred accounts and continuously reinvest and you can be financially autonomous.
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  • Hapi

    Hapi wants to democratize the access of the US stock market to consumers in Latam. Let anyone register, invest the amount of money they want to, trade their preferred stocks or ETFs without commissions, follow up their investments in real time, and generate returns.
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  • Stockshark Trading API

    Free options
    Hello fellow hunters!
    Stockshark allows you to Integrate popular brokerages such as Saxo, Kucoin, IG.com and TD Ameritrade and trade from a single API.
    We handle the authentication and infrastructure, you focus on the trading.
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  • Stockal

    Stock intelligence, chat and trading on one platform.
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  • Styvio

    Styvio is the easiest way to get free stock market data from an API and more. Examples of data you can use are real-time intraday prices, historical prices, sentiment data from Reddit & StockTwits, a wide range of fundamental data, and basic company info.
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