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  • hike.io

    Find beautiful hikes
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  • Trails is your ultimate guide to the outdoors! If you are an outdoor fitness enthusiast or just love to adventure in nature, you’ll love Trails.

    We've got more than 100,000 trails and route guides from over 1500 guidebooks covering 24+ outdoor activities from hiking, mountain biking and walking to fishing, birding and kayaking.

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    A must-have for hiking enthusiasts! So many trails to choose from & I love that I can share my pictures and record trail routes right fr…

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  • Camperguru

    2 reviews
    Camperguru saves time looking for the best spots. We work with photographers and experienced campers to find the 'creme de la creme' of camping. We personally visit, photograph and review camper spots. We don't list all spots. Just the best ones. 46 for now.
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  • We built The Outbound to spread the excitement of travel and adventure, whether just down the street or across the globe, by inspiring people to discover, explore, and share their favorite activities and local playgrounds.

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    Great photos, great community, great compilation piece, and its members are really helpful.

  • Fieldguide

    Fieldguide is a community field guide, created and edited by those who share a commitment to catalog the wonders of our natural and cultural heritage.

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  • Whympr for Android

    Whympr is an outdoor social app that lets you find all information for your mountain activity (trekking, climbing, etc.)

    Available on iPhone and just recently on Android, you can

    • Access thousands of summits and routes across the globe

    • plan, organise and keep track of your mountain outings

    • locate yourself on an outdoor map

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  • Campnab

    6 reviews
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    Most campsites are sold-out months in advance. Many of these reservations are cancelled—and campsites go unused. Our app scans for these openings. Tell us where, when, and how long you want to camp. We’ll text you when a suitable spot opens up!

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  • Take your bike and find your own path down unspoiled mountains in this arcade-style mountain biking game for Windows, Mac and Linux 🚵.

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    Very excited to try demo. Go go Kickstarter!

  • Aerial Camping is a community-driven photo sharing service geared toward aerial photography and camping.

    Aerial Camping offers ratings and reviews for campgrounds, directions, open-community posting of photos and much more. Users can like and comment on user-submitted photos, create hashtags and even mention and reply to other users.

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  • 3 Great Days: Sequoia is filled with maps, tips, sketching prompts, reflection writing, a journal, and sparks of intrigue that bring a trip to life. It is light and easy-going. Perfect for immersing kids in the trip and giving adults a chance to disconnect. It is unlike any travel book you have ever seen and one you’ll never forget.

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