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10 alternative and related products to AllTabs

Managing tabs in Chrome was never so easy

10 Alternatives to AllTabs

Bookmarks are for books, not browsers. Organize your browser tabs into Toby so you can access key resources in one click instead of seven. Toby is browser extension that helps organize your tabs.

Nash- Director, Digital Conversion
Toby is one of the few bookmark tools that is built around teams. Great interface and customizable.
Toby is perfect for this. You can share with teams and it is super easy to use. One of my most used apps.
Maria Romanza✨
Maria Romanza✨- Digital designer
Only 40 upvotes? Toby should be #1 ... it's the best app for keeping your links organized plus it has a dark mode. Totally recommended.
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BetterCloud Monitor
If you constantly have dozens of tabs open in Chrome, here's a solution for you. Try Toby, a Chrome extension that lets you drag and drop your tabs and organize them into neat visual lists. Toby's interface is remarkably clean, simple, and easy to use.
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Shant Donabedian
Shant Donabedian
I've used Raindrop with a few of my teams in the past, solid product...nice ux and features, seems like it has what you need.
Jake Tran
Jake Tran- Jr Product Designer
Save all kind of links. Have reading mode as well as different layouts (even moodboard layout). Use folders and tags to organize. What more can you ask
Joshua Galan
Joshua Galan is so underrated!
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It's very difficult to imagine a world without bookmarks. Besides the built-in bookmark option in you web browser, there is a whole variety of services, such as Delicious, Pocket and Keeeb, that let you bookmark images, videos and other awesome things you find online.
Cult of Mac is a new bookmarking service for Mac and iOS, and the web, and Android. It lets you save your bookmarks into folders, known as Groups, and those bookmarks are then available from anywhere. The main selling point of seems to be the slick interface, and the myriad beautiful ways you can arrange the bookmarks therein.
NDTV is a beautiful, powerful - but also slightly confusing - bookmark manager. Most of us probably use the built-in bookmarks mangers on our browsers, but they are fairly limiting. For starters, even if you sync them across devices, your bookmarks are not accessible outside the browser.
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Open links with different browsers according to rules

For example, you are using Safari heavily in day life, but you'd like to use Chrome to open websites of work. You could add a rule for it, then every external links (links not in browser) will be opened in Chrome.


1. Add rules to open browsers for specified websites.

2. Add other browser to handle links.

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Close tabs with a single click based on accessed time!

Having struggled with too many browser tabs, I built this to navigate, search, & close browser tabs based on the last active time with one click. You can close multiple tabs, adjust duration, view count, opene a tab, ignore a tab!

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TechBitz brings you latest Tech News, Android News, Softwares, How to Tutorials and Premium Giveaways.
Kamban The Maker
A simple plugin to help you close chrome tabs based on the last accessed time!
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Organize tabs and regain elegance with one simple click

Sortify is a simple and handy little tool to help you rearrange Chrome tabs and let you focus on what you are working on. You can sort tabs by website or opened time to get uncluttered and relevant tab arrangement with one simple click.

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Vested Yeti is a new home for your web pages, designed for people with too many browser tabs. A social bookmarking app and Chrome extension to help you organize and share your articles, videos, links, and more.

Carlo Tapia
Carlo Tapia- Founder of Vested Yeti
Vested Yeti is a web app and Chrome extension to organize and share web pages. You can create a flow in seconds, set privacy and contribution settings, and share your flows easily. The Chrome extension makes it easy to add web pages into flows as you browse the web, and you can comment directly from the sidebar of any web page.
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