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10 alternative and related products to All-new Goodnight Journal

All-new Goodnight Journal
Online journal meets community
Write private journals securely and anonymously or public journals to share and get connected with other journal writers.
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10 Alternatives to All-new Goodnight Journal

Fadeke Adegbuyi
Fadeke Adegbuyi
This is an awesome tool to practice gratitude and mindfulness. It really shouldn't take you more than 2.5 minutes in the morning and 2.5 minutes in the afternoon to answer a set of questions that prime you for the day and let you reflect on how it unfolded.
John Ababseh
John Ababseh
I like this app, super simple and easy to use!
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The Hustle
When I first heard about the Five Minute Journal, I thought it was a complete scam. Their website said this journal can "prime your brain" and "cultivate gratitude." But how can a journal make you happier? I've never used a physical journal to write down what I was feeling.
The Five Minute Journal app description claims it to be the simplest and most effective way to become happier in five minutes a day. Having used the physical journal for several months, I can definitely witness some positive changes in my life, which are ultimately making me happier.
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Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan
You can customise it as much as you want. If you want something barebones, then Apple Notes
Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan
If you're looking for customisation, check out Journaly!
Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan
My team created Journaly to be a customisable journalling tool to keep track of your specific habits, mood and anything else that would matter to you.
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📘 Simple and secure journal app for macOS, Windows and Linux

• Beautiful and clean design

• Light and dark themes

• Locally encrypted

• Import from other journal apps

• Export to various formats

The app is completely free and open source! 🎁 🎉

13 Alternatives to Mini Diary

Use glimpses as a personal journal to track your daily activities, record your travels, people you meet.
glimpses stores all the journal entries at your Dropbox account. Just authorize with Dropbox and you're ready to go.

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Where has the time gone? If you haven't kept a journal, you might not know. Journaling might be the most underrated activity that could boost your productivity and well-being in just a few minutes a day. Just jot your thoughts down or record what happened during the day for...
10 Alternatives to glimpses

Zero AM Journal is a private journal app for windows. Now preserve your memories with this clean UI app. With quick editor feature, you can quickly create the journal entries throughout the day without opening the application.

More features in the upcoming releases including Cloud Sync, iPhone and Android apps and reminders to name a few.

11 Alternatives to Zero AM

Having troubles remembering your travel history? Not anymore.
Journr helps you to keep track of your travel history.
Keep it on you while travelling and never have to worry about remembering your trips as you can tag them with your best memories.

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