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Visual explanations of web development topics

I spent countless hours struggling to learn basic (but challenging!) web development concepts like CSS positioning, callbacks and Model-View-Controller.

I felt that putting the analogy at the center of the lesson might be a better way to teach.

The tutorials use real-world concepts to explain web development.

Kevin's full list of analogy articles and tutorials: See more
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Music visualizer for Windows & Xbox One

Kauna is a music visualizing software. There is a bunch of different visualizations that reacts to system sound or microphone. So, application can work with any media player, application or sound from website (e.g. youtube).

Music triggers all sorts of emotions we naturally tend to associate with the context in which we listen to it, but if the audio experience is also empowered by inspiring visuals, the entire scenario becomes even more memorable.
All About Windows Phone
Not a UWP app as far as I can see, though it is available for Windows 10 on the desktop too, but Kauna is certainly unique, seemingly able to visualise your Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile audio directly from the OS, in a variety of pretty ways.
Os aficionados de música irão gostar bastante deste aplicativo verdadeiramente universal (UWP), pois roda em todos os dispositivos com Windows 10, como PCs, tablets, 2 em 1, smartphones, óculos de realidade mista e até console Xbox. Quem não lembra do clássico Winamp ou até mesmo do Windows Media Player? Ambos...
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Programmer Unknown's BattleGround

An automatic environment to train programming skills

PUBG is an automatic environment (actually, a battleground) where several alrogithms fight in the real time. Each algorithm controls a creature (which can be bull, rhino, slug etc.) with an aim to grab bullets and hurt other creatures with it. By killing enemies your creature increases it's IQ, the smartest creatures lists in the leaderboard.

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