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9 alternative and related products to Algorithm Visualizer

Algorithm Visualizer

Write down your algorithm to be visualized

9 Alternatives to Algorithm Visualizer

Visual explanations of web development topics

I spent countless hours struggling to learn basic (but challenging!) web development concepts like CSS positioning, callbacks and Model-View-Controller.

I felt that putting the analogy at the center of the lesson might be a better way to teach.

The tutorials use real-world concepts to explain web development.

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Automate DevOps for AI/ML with the AI Layer

Most teams are running into a wall when it comes to deploying their ML models. Algorithmia's AI Layer helps by automating the deployment process so that your Data Scientists can focus on their core functions. We deploy your algorithms as serverless microservices that scale infinitely in just minutes.

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Diego Oppenheimer is worried that the Googles and the Facebooks will dominate the world of artificial intelligence. It's a legitimate worry. Elon Musk and Sam Altman are worried about the same thing. That's why they created a startup called OpenAI.
Algorithmia started out as an online marketplace for - can you guess it? - algorithms. Many of these algorithms that developers offered on the service focused on machine learning (think face detection, sentiment analysis, etc.).
Algorithmia is a service that enables the creation of applications through the use of community contributed machine learning models. And Algorithmia is looking to advance the development and accessibility of algorithmic intelligence. Plus Algorithmia is also known for building the largest marketplace for algorithms in the world.
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AI that replaces cranes in cityscapes

The way the application works on the surface is quite straightforward. Then the algorithm looks for cranes and detects every single pixel of the object. Finally, another algorithm – similar to the ones used in photo editors like Photoshop – replaces those pixels with new ones. Eventually the user gets a beautiful picture without unwanted cranes.

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The infrastructure in cities of all sizes is evolving at a neck-breaking pace. New constructions are being built, and old ones are constantly being renovated, which requires heavy equipment such as diggers or cranes. I can imagine it might be a bit frustrating that every single photo from your city break is "embellished" with several cranes hanging above the… See more
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An automatic environment to train programming skills

PUBG is an automatic environment (actually, a battleground) where several alrogithms fight in the real time. Each algorithm controls a creature (which can be bull, rhino, slug etc.) with an aim to grab bullets and hurt other creatures with it. By killing enemies your creature increases it's IQ, the smartest creatures lists in the leaderboard.

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