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Practice coding everyday
A wise (wo)man once said: "One Leet­Code prob­lem a day keeps un­em­ploy­ment away". If you wish to prac­tice cod­ing prob­lems for job in­ter­views; or just sim­ply like solv­ing puz­zles in form of cod­ing - this app is your bud­dy.
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5 Alternatives to AlgoKitty

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Great for learning on the go!
Clearly yes ! That's a really good platform to learn new langages. You can use too Swifty to learn Swift, edited by the same developer (or Jaavy for Java).
Andric Tham
For learning new technologies efficiently (SQL, Git, Javascript, Python, iOS development, it’s all there), I highly recommend Mimo as you can learn very high-level concepts on-the-go. Sometimes, you don’t want to read high-level concepts out of context from the code. And you don’t want to jump right into coding as well. Mimo is a great middle-ground.
Around the web
Apple's new iPad app Swift Playgrounds is popularizing the idea of learning to code on mobile devices, not desktop computers. But its focus is only on teaching kids to code in Swift. A new application called Mimo goes beyond that, with mini-lessons for not only Swift, but also HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL and more.
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