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AirMeasure alternatives and competitors

AirMeasure is the ultimate measuring ToolKit for your phone. Now anytime, anywhere you have not only a tape measure but a whole set of tools to let you measure almost anything. Loaded with features, download it now.

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  • Measure

    Measure helps you with quick, everyday measurements around the house or office. Similar to a tape measure. With the Measure app, you can:

    - Measure the length and height of objects in the real world ​like​ width of a cabinet, or the height of a table

    - Switch between imperial and metric units

    - Save photos of your measurements for later

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  • TapMeasure is a spatial utility that combines computer vision and AR, creating a whole new way to capture and measure your space. You can capture instant point-to-point measurements, quickly level artwork and other framed items, and create a complete 3D model of a room with features like doors, windows and artwork.

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    This is absolutely amazing. The number for times I'm hunting around for a tape measure and now I don't need to as it's on my phone. An no mo…

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  • Leveraging Apple’s new AR technology, MeasureKit makes it really easy to measure different things in the world using your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera. It contains 7 measuring tools in total with more instruments to come in the future.

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    i dont see the app in the app store

  • The AR Plan Estimator is a way for users to quickly estimate the storage plan size they will need for their stuff by pointing their phone around the room and tracing things with their finger in AR. It is difficult to conceptualize the physical space needed to store your things, and as soon as we saw ARKit at WWDC, we knew there was an opportunity.

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    I think now buying new furniture will be easier :)

  • Banana (For Scale)

    Banana (For Scale) is powered by the most advanced ARKit technology. When you find a tiny banana and you want to show to the internet how tiny your banana is, but you don't have any real sized bananas, this app is there for you.

    Just find a surface and tap on the screen, now you have a BANANA!

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  • Replace your traditional measuring tapes with a compact gadget that measure curves and lines.

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  • Cubit

    Cubit lets you measure distances with its Ruler tool and visualize the size of objects with its Box tool. It's an augmented reality (AR) measuring toolbox.

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  • Plane Finder AR

    Plane Finder AR is an augmented reality app that allows you to discover info about planes flying overhead by viewing them through your camera.

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  • ARuler

    ARuler is the best distance, area, volume and height measurement tool.

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  • SizAR

    SizAR is a mobile application that helps you make the right choices in your purchasing, arrangement or decoration projects. Using the Augmented Reality technology, you will be able to visualize in real time a 3D model that respects the dimansions and appearance you need.

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  • Meas AR

    Meas AR is an ARKit powered measuring app that has over 400+ fun length facts 😄

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  • AR Tool Belt

    AR Tool Belt extends the augmented-reality features of iOS 11 and ARKit to provide a selection of tools for the pro or DIY handyman.

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  • Neatsy

    Using AI & AR Neatsy will recomend the best shoe size before you order it online.
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