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Airbnb React
Render React components to Sketch for design systems

16 Alternatives to Airbnb React

Convert Sketch into iOS, Android and React apps in minutes

Supernova Studio is the first tool which truly bridges the gap between designers and developers.

Supernova Studio does this by taking your Sketch files and automatically converting them to native mobile UI, adding animations, navigation, layout etc. in the process - as you like. Supporting iOS, Android and React Native.

Andy Dent
Andy Dent- Touchgram founder, coder+martial artist
I'm using it to: - import Sketch designs and prototype animations - show translated screens on different devices so I can refine the design - generate native code and screen resources I'm using directly in my app.
Andy Dent
Andy Dent- Touchgram founder, coder+martial artist
I'm a big fan and I'm not a pro designer, very much self-taught. I like tools which do a good job of code generation. Supernova Studio is superb in letting you see generated code alongside the graphic design, across various languages and either iOS or Android. The animation tools are simple but good enough to do both micro-interactions and animations between… See more
Brennon Denny
Brennon Denny- Creating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡
Supernova is a design-to-code platform that allows you to convert designs to native app components
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Ever since the beginning of the first mobile apps, design has played an important role in the development process. The first apps were just text and a simple interface. Though useful, early apps weren't wining awards for innovative graphic design. Then, sometime later, real design happened.
Designer News
Hey Designers, Jiri here, the CEO and creator of the See more
Supernova, a startup operating out of Prague in the Czech Republic, is on a mission to accelerate the app development workflow of mobile designers and developers.
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Turn Sketch designs into native mobile apps in minutes

Kyle W. Ludwig
Kyle W. Ludwig- Co-founder, Looma 🍐
Wait! There's more. Use Sketch to make the prototypes, then put them into Craft by Invision to make clickable prototypes you can share on the web to get localized comments from collaborators on your design. You can also use Inspect by Invision to hand off the fonts, color palettes, and assets from designers to the developers. I've tried Adobe XD for over a y… See more
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Explore the software, services, and tools that Supernova uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
5 Alternatives to Supernova

Generate a dynamic icon library in less than 5 minutes

A Sketch plugin that allows you to import a set of icons and automatically apply a color mask.

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Web Design Envato Tuts+
Today we're going to create a dynamic icon library in Sketch. This could be a pretty complicated process, but we're going to save ourself a lot of time and stress by using a plugin called Sketch Icons. Let's dive in!
Let's turn SVG files into an icon set Sketch Library PLUGIN: See more
We have also introduce a settings panel that allows you to access advanced features. 📦 Create Presets Presets will save you a lot of time! You can now import your icons in different sizes, while choosing your padding. By entering your dimensions as artboardSize-artboardPadding your import panel will look like this: Your icons will be imported in the predefi… See more
As basic as it sounds, selecting and dropping a group of icons in Sketch does not work. If you want to create symbols for each of your icons, you will have to import manually. With Sketch Icons plugin, just go to Plugins -> Sketch Icons -> Import icons...
14 Alternatives to Sketch Icons

An open source design system for ReactJS

Atomize React is a UI framework that helps developers collaborate with designers and build consistent user interfaces effortlessly. It is based on Atomize design system for Sketch.

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As a JS developer, I love trying out new JS frameworks. Most recently, A Friend of mine, Proksh, launched his React UI Framework atomize. So, this post is all about getting started with react atomize in gatsby. For the basic gatsby setup, Check out...
6 Alternatives to Atomize React

Version control for designers, new plugin for Sketch

Plant is a simple and powerful version control tool that is seamlessly integrated with Sketch. By keeping track of all versions and metadata including date, time, and the user that pushed the specific version, Plant maximizes the efficiency of teamwork and ensures that users have access to the creative history of a project.

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From the very moment we launched Plant, we began working to bring you a better and faster versioning plugin. During this time we made it our priority to incorporate the valuable feedback that you provided. Today we are ready to tell you all about our most recent improvements.
9 Alternatives to Plant

A design system starter kit for Sketch

Cabana 3.0 is a Design System Starter Kit for Sketch that allows you to quickly, and effortlessly create beautiful UIs for both your Desktop and Mobile projects.

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Sketch Tutorial Taken from the official Cabana 3.0 User Guide Curious about the newly updated Design System Starter Kit for Sketch; Cabana? Well, you've come to the right place! Here is the official User Guide included with Version 3.0. Enjoy... Please take the time to read through this guide before using Cabana.
6 Alternatives to Cabana 3.0 for Sketch

Simplified open source React.js components library 🚀

Flawwwless ui is an open source React.js components library created to help makers building and updating high-quality apps easily.

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First, jump in your terminal and clone the stater code: git clone See more
Open Source React.js components library 🚀 Flawwwless ui is a new open source React.js components library. The main goal of Flawwwless ui is to build a free components library that help developers to create high-quality enterprise application easily.
8 Alternatives to Flawwwless ui
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