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Connect to your AirPods in a click

I use my AirPods with my iPhone and Mac extensively but was always disappointed that the "seamless switching" would not automatically pick the audio source to use with my AirPods. To ease the pain of manually switching bluetooth devices on Mac I created this small utility to allow to force connect to my AirPods on my Mac from a tap on the menubar.

8 Alternatives to AirBar

Bring the same AirPods experience from iOS to Mac

AirBuddy brings the same AirPods experience you have on iOS to the Mac. With AirBuddy, you can open up your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the status right away, just like it is on your iPhone or iPad

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Well-known developer and 9to5Mac contributor Guilherme Rambo has released a new macOS utility named AirBuddy that extends iOS-like AirPods integration to the Mac. We were provided a copy of the utility to try out in advance. AirBuddy comes with a helper tool that allows you to enable the utility for AirPods.
The AirPods integration is fantastic on iOS with system level support on the iPhone and iPad. And to a certain extent, they're easy to use on Apple Watch and Apple TV as well. However, the Mac seems to be a lone wolf as it arguably has the worse integration within Apple's ecosystem.
iOS is easily one of the best things AirPods have going for them. Flip open the cap and, boom, there are the headphones and case, each sporting their respective battery levels. Pairing AirPods to your desktop has been doable as well, albeit markedly less convenient. Guilherme Rambo of 9 to 5 Mac ha...
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Apple's AirPods are arguably the simplest and most seamless wireless earbuds on the market, at least for iPhone owners. Yet the process for connecting the headphones to your Mac is notably more annoying. AirBuddy aims to solve that with a simple, one-click interface for connecting the headphones to your Mac.
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The missing Bluetooth manager for macOS you always wanted.

Juice is the missing Bluetooth manager for macOS.
Connect and manage your devices from...
1. Touch Bar
2. macOS Notification Center
3. Menu Bar (Control Center)
4. Custom hotkeys

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Juice is a Bluetooth device manager for the Mac styled to look like Apple's Home app. I didn't expect to like the utility much because I don't like the Home app's design. It turns out though that for an app like Juice, Home's mostly monochrome tile UI works and the app does an excellent job [...]
O macOS pode ter um monte de pontos fortes, mas convenhamos: o gerenciador de dispositivos Bluetooth certamente não é um deles. Basicamente idêntico há mais de uma década, o recurso é limitado, pouco elegante e de funcionamento não muito intuitivo - em outras palavras, ele simplesmente existe porque tem que existir, sem qualquer tipo de ...
Dimenticate pure l'ostico pannello Bluetooth del Mac, perché con Juice la gestione delle periferiche collegate non sarà più la stessa. Non stiamo parlando del noto Apple Premium Reseller ma di un piccolo programma per macOS tanto semplice quanto pratico e funzionale, in confronto del quale il sistema progettato da Apple impallidisce.
Displeased with the Mac's rudimentary interface for Bluetooth devices, developer Mike Choi took it upon himself to create Juice, his very own macOS Bluetooth manager for easier connecting to your favorite devices from places like the Touch Bar and Notification Center. As you can clearly tell, Juice was inspired by Apple's Home app.
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With a new wireless charging case coming later this year, many AirPod users will purchase a brand new case that looks exactly like the old one with the added bonus of wireless charging. The PowerPod Case adds wireless charging, protection, and style to an existing AirPod Case that does not deserve to be retired so soon.

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Why wait for Apple to sell you another expensive AirPods case when you can add wireless charging capabilities to the one you already have? PowerPod is a silicone sleeve for your AirPods case that adds a Qi-compatible charging coil for next to nothing. It's just one of the awesome ideas in this week's Crowdfund Roundup.
Yup, it's a Kickstarter. And Apple is coming out with a wireless AirPods charging case, possibly shipping sometime soon. But this is a cool idea. It's a thin...
A new project on Kickstarter is gearing up to add wireless charging capabilities for current AirPods without the need to replace the AirPods case. The new PowerPod Case is a silicon case that goes over the standards AirPods case, not unlike many other cases we've already seen for AirPods, but in this case, PowerPod adds Qi charging capabilities that promise … See more
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With 's decision of removing the headphone jack from their iPhones, became a solution with a couple of setbacks that range from losing the phones altogether or forgetting to charge them and thus running out of battery at the most crucial moment.
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Back in the distant past, when Apple was announcing the wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, Apple promised a new generation of AirPods that would include a case capable of wireless charging. We even heard a rumor that Apple would sell the case separately for $69.
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Apple will reportedly soon be unveiling new AirPod case with wireless charging built-in. This will allow the case and the AirPods to be charged wirelessly when they are placed on the AirPower, the wireless charger from Apple due for unveiling anytimeaaa
So I'm sure at this point we all know that Apple is releasing a special wireless charging case for AirPods later this year, meant for use with Qi wireless chargers and the highly anticipated AirPower charging mat. It's all very exciting.
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Auto-pair AirPods to Mac and manage them with hotkeys

AirCtrl lets you connect your AirPods to your Mac by simply opening the case next to your Mac.
The menu bar app will display AirPods battery status, settings to manually connect/disconnect and keyboard shortcuts.

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