Alternative products to AI-Generated Voices in Unity by Resemble

6 alternative and related products to AI-Generated Voices in Unity by Resemble

AI-Generated Voices in Unity by Resemble
Expressive cloned voices with text-to-speech in Unity
Resemble’s Unity plugin extends Resemble Clone; a product that allows users to clone their voice with a few mins of data. Developers can add content through the GUI within Unity and tweak speech style and emotion by applying various emotions to the text.
6 Alternatives to AI-Generated Voices in Unity by Resemble

Smartly.AI is an innovative SaaS platform for creating, monitoring and deploying voice and chat applications.

Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume Bardet
This isn't exactly for chat bots but I figured I'd leave it here it is quite nice!
Hicham Tahiri
Hicham Tahiri
Its the Google Maps of Conversations. Best part is that your mockup is a functional app that you can demo to your customers. PNG/PDF export will be released this week. Disclaimer: I am the creator of this product 🤠.
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Panda is a voice activated camera that brings your conversations to life with AR effects. Just start talking and watch what appears. ✨

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Panda has built the next silly social feature Snapchat and Instagram will want to steal. Today the startup launches its video messaging app that fills the screen with augmented reality effects based on the words you speak. Say "Want to get pizza?" and a 3D pizza slice hovers by your mouth.
VCs still have appetite for social apps.
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LOVO Studio is an AI Voiceover & Cloning platform. We are used in marketing, online learning, corporate HR and L&D, audiobook publishing, movie production, software development, and personal media to save time, hassle, and money involved with content creation.

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The global elearning market was expected to reach a staggering total market value of $325 billion by 2025, driven by several factors at the time: the need to educate people at low cost; the falling price of learning solutions; a modern workforce needing to continue life-long learning; and the proven convenience and effectiveness online learning.
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Everyone reading this will likely be familiar with deepfakes, the sometimes humorous and oftentimes scary technology that makes it possible to alter an existing image or video by digitally replacing a person's likeness. But while deepfakes are well known, the audio equivalent - capable of simulating the voice of a real person - hasn't received quite the same… See more
eLearning Industry
They say nothing beats the face-to-face interaction between a pupil and a teacher, whether it be young children huddled up with their peers in a classroom or full-grown adults battling the onset of sleep and the constant buzzing of notifications on their phones while the instructor drones on in an auditorium.
4 Alternatives to LOVO Studio
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