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Affinity Photo
Professional photo editing software for Mac
A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace
9 Alternatives to Affinity Photo

✂️ A vanilla JavaScript library for cropping and editing images in the browser.

📱 Fast on older and newer devices. Handles touch, mouse, and keyboard input.

🕹 Rotate, turn, scale and flip images.

🗜️ Compress, reformat, and resize images on the client.

🔌 Easily integrate with libraries like Dropzone, Uppy, jQuery File Upload, and FilePond.

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Time to link up our first image cropper. Let's add the styles and scripts required for Cropper.js. Everything is still the same, and that's okay. Let's add Cropper.js to our editor element and load the dropped image. Cropper.js expects an element, so let's turn the file object into a URL and feed it to a new image.
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