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Ask a VC anything for $20. Proceeds go to charity.
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Connect with the right people

Olmo makes personalized introductions between people.
Say what’s top of mind to be connected to others who have the right experience and are interested in helping.
Olmo is all about building relationships and networking through authentic conversations.

Gustad Mody
Gustad Mody
I like Olmo because it it's not a "daily" productivity app. The apps help you productivity where you have all the input... but what about when you need outside assistance? With Olmo, I was able to get connected to somebody in a tech world that has experienced doing a task I was nervous on how to approach.
Gustad Mody
Gustad Mody
Olmo will hand pick people in the industries or experience to answer the questions you have. Its free.
Saurav Pandit
Saurav Pandit- Building new things
Great landing page! I didn't design it. But I can say it is the most beautifully designed app I have ever worked on.
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Advise others or receive free advice from 14000+ experts

KarmaCircles is a peer-to-peer mentoring, networking and skill building platform where members of a community (universities, alumni associations, corporates, co-working spaces etc.) can give and receive free help. One can search among group members, ask queries, schedule time with each other, and publicly thank each other for their time and help.

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Charity shops and online auctions to support great causes

Since 2014, eSolidar has been connecting consumers with social causes and enabling charities to diversify their fundraising base & reach new audiences through online charity shops, donations and special charity auctions with celebrities & brands. After reaching 50K registered users and almost 800 charities, we're now getting businesses involved.

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HuffPost UK
"I used to work for the Cats Protection League," said Mark Salway, leaning back in his chair with a smile. "The fundraising team ran a big campaign to raise money for a cat called Scrunchy, which did well.
UK Fundraising
Online fundraising platform eSolidar has expanded from Brazil and Portugal to launch in the UK. It lets individuals and charities sell items online to raise funds, and charities post 'auctions for good'. Launched in May 2014 by Marco Barbosa in May 2014, eSolidar has already been used at a variety of festivals, including Rock in Rio, where Elton John donated… See more
Live interview on BBC with Marco Barbosa, co-founder of eSolidar, that is currently equity crowdfunding on is a global giving online marketplace that allows people to shop, sell and donate to their favourite charitable causes.
Good News Shared
Last week I went to the launch of eSolidar, a new website that helps smaller charities by giving their supporters a platform on which to buy, sell and bid on items in order to raise money for their favourite cause.
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