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9 alternative and related products to Addme

All your social pages in one place

Addme is my social platform 'business card', it's awesome.

9 Alternatives to Addme

Digital business card

Ping is a simple way to exchange information with people you meet - a digital business card if you will. However this is just the foundations for a personal CRM - a tool that will help you keep on top of and organise your network.

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I would LOVE Ping for Android!
Simple, but work only with the app
Robert Bye
Robert Bye- Building products at Fueled in NYC
Makes business cards totally redundant
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UK based Wurqs today introduces Ping 1.0 for iOS, the first digital business card app that removes the dependency for two people to both have the app for it to be useful.
The simple product that kickstarts Wurqs big ambitions Download Ping for iOS here. Let's be honest, business cards suck. How in a world where we all carry around these super computers in our pockets, are we still exchanging information using bits of paper? Now the 'digital business card' isn't a new challenge in the world of tech.
In February this year, we launched Ping to the world and were blown away by the response. Hitting the top spot on Product Hunt on launch day with over 1300 votes, closely followed by a feature across the app store in Europe, meant we finished week one with over 5000 users.
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All your important links in one place

Most of us use social media in our daily lives, we all have mutliple profiles and share urls almost daily. Sadly the majority of social media sites only offer one url per profile. Using linkkle you can add upto 10 links and replace your social media profile url to your linkkle profile and have all your important links in one place.

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Decisions, decisions. Do you link to your Instagram profile on your Twitter feed or your Facebook page? Or maybe you want to showcase your Github, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages but there's only one URL field which means you have to choose.
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Markd is a button on the browser to quickly bookmark and organise interesting people you find online.

Use Markd to organise and reach out to creative talent, job candidates, sales prospects, or just for marking interesting people that you want to return to later. It's like Pinterest but for People!

Brandon Wu
Brandon Wu- Co-founder,
With Markd, we want to make remembering and organising people fast, simple, and fun. It has a browser button to let you save people from any social platform/website with a simple click, and a clean dashboard to help you stay organised. It does not have a lot of other CRM features (ex. pipeline) as we'd like to keep it simple and focus on helping individuals … See more
Brandon Wu
Brandon Wu- Co-founder,
I used to keep track of people on a spreadsheet but the list got too big to manage (also I needed visual reference for designers/artists). So I asked a friend to help me build a simple tool to replace it, and it became It's a simple browser button for you to save people with tags/notes/images, and a minimal web app to manage your contacts. It's f… See more
Brandon Wu
Brandon Wu- Co-founder,
Some great suggestions here! If you want something *super* lightweight, a tool that helps you remember and organise contacts, Markd is a tool we initially built for our own use to replace tracking people on spreadsheets. It's a browser button + web dashboard to let you quickly save someone, tag them, and add notes / reference images so you can come back to t… See more
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Markd is a project I have been working on for Brandon over a for a while now. Quite simply its a Chrome Extension and website that allows a user to quickly and easily bookmark people you come across on the internet. In Brandons own words: I wanted a better way to go about the process.
Studio Pepwuper
It's all about the people. Markd is the quickest way to remember and organise people you find online. See more
A quick demo video showing the basic usage of Markd 2. Read about this on the post: See more
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