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Keep track of what you're doing
Actions is a Chrome extension that helps you stay organized by grouping tasks that belong to the same action. Doing research work and forget what tabs are related to your work? Simply add tabs to an action as you browse the web to keep track of your work.
9 Alternatives to Actions

Bookmarks are for books, not browsers. Organize your browser tabs into Toby so you can access key resources in one click instead of seven. Toby is browser extension that helps organize your tabs.

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Young Tobias here always has my back: saving sessions in my browser, creating collections for my tabs, etc. and syncing across profiles / Macs
Kamil Rzeźnicki
Kamil Rzeźnicki
Toby is my favourite tool for bookmarks management
Raj Mahal
Raj Mahal
Use it daily. So useful and way better than keeping tabs opens
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BetterCloud Monitor
If you constantly have dozens of tabs open in Chrome, here's a solution for you. Try Toby, a Chrome extension that lets you drag and drop your tabs and organize them into neat visual lists. Toby's interface is remarkably clean, simple, and easy to use.
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Get rid of distraction and increase your productivity with Tabagotchi. The more tabs you have open, the angrier and sicker your Tabagotchi gets! The fewer tabs you have open, the happier and healthier it becomes. For each hour you spend browsing with 5 tabs or less, you'll get one step closer to evolving your Tabagotchi to a higher form.

17 Alternatives to Tabagotchi

Sortify is a simple and handy little tool to help you rearrange Chrome tabs and let you focus on what you are working on. You can sort tabs by website or opened time to get uncluttered and relevant tab arrangement with one simple click.

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Flowbar is the new bookmarking tool, tabs organizer, session saver, cpu liberator & mind declutterer.
Lives on the cloud, syncs on every computer, easy to use, minimal but functional.
We have more plans for Flowbar in the pipeline.
Thanks for the support!

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