Alternative products to across-tabs

11 alternative and related products to across-tabs


Easily communicate among browser tabs

11 Alternatives to across-tabs

Browser Extension that snoozes tabs. Mailbox for tabs!

Samujjal Purkayastha
Samujjal Purkayastha- VP Growth, MoEngage
I use Toby for managing "groups" of tabs, but for those on off situations where I don't need to work on that tab then, but need to get a hold of it some time in the future (definite or not), I use Tab Snooze.
Dimitar Raykov
Dimitar Raykov- Designer. Built
One more. I use it mainly as "Read it later" tool that however actually works and you don't end up with 100+ links in the end of the week. 👍
Malcolm Ocean
Malcolm Ocean- Founder, Complice
Lets you hide tabs and have them come back later. Tons of uses for this, from having a stats/news/habit page show up every day to snoozing your conversation or lecture notes until the next scheduled time and having them magically reappear at the moment you need them! (I wrote an article on tons of ways to use it:
11 Alternatives to Tab Snooze

Multrin is a cross-platform app built on top of Electron, that lets you to organize apps in tabs, by just dropping them onto Multrin. It aims to greatly improve your productivity and organization.

If you like it, please leave a star on my Github. I would really appreciate that :)

8 Alternatives to Multrin

Browse websites without opening new tabs

UrlRender allows you to browse websites without opening new tabs.

You can now search with Google Engine and browse sites without opening hundreds of tabs. Just mouse over the desired link, a frame opens and display the website. You will be able to browse and interact with the site.

I hope you'll enjoy! 🤗

Nicolas Laporte
Nicolas Laporte
Try it, you'll do not regret !
Nicolas Laporte
Nicolas Laporte
If you are developer, you know that search something to solve a problem on the internet its like 50% (if not more) of your job time. During this 50% of time, you almost lost 20% of the time while opening new tabs, read vertically the website, close the tab.. you open a new one and so on.. With this extension, you see what you want without opening hundreds o… See more
Nicolas Laporte
Nicolas Laporte
Why opening tabs when you can browse website directly in the search engine ? ;)
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8 Alternatives to UrlRender

Access your tabs list and switch between them with a click

Have you ever lost in the large amount of open tabs in your browser? Do you know how many tabs are open now?

SuperTabs list all your open tabs and let you search and switch to them in just second to increase your productivity.

The badge number indicates number of open tabs. For increased speed, add a keyboard shortcut and you will be a tab ninja!

13 Alternatives to SuperTabs

Elegant tab search, selection and beyond.

Inspired by Spotlight. Keyboard-focused but mouse friendly too. Open source.


📌 Lists tabs in order of recency by default, then fuzzy search by title or URL;

📌 Search recently closed tabs;

📌 Search all bookmarks.


CTRL+SPACE (Windows)


21 Alternatives to Saka

Wrap your browser tabs! Group them, save them and share them

Wrapper browser extension that lets you control your tabs. Group your tabs into wrappers. View/open them anytime you want from anywhere. Share wrappers with friends and colleagues. Available on Chrome & Firefox.

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6 Alternatives to Wrapper : Better than Bookmarks
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