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One stop solution for finding cool, crazy & popular acronyms
Modern acronyms have been a pain. From YOLO to DIY to FOMO 😅
Work apps are full of WFH, AFK, CMIIW and what not!
Finally, decided to build something simple yet useful ✅
Shipping Acron - a simple acronym finder 🚀
It's Opensource. Feel free to contribute❤️️
4 Alternatives to Acrons

Spell It Out spells out tech acronyms, abbreviations and word shorternings found in the tech industry so you can be in the know.

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Acronyms are rampant in the tech world. And spell it out, is where you find the meaning of these hieroglyphics. It's invaluable!!!
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TLDR - Wordd is a simple iOS app for quickly looking up everyday vocabulary and slang words! We live in an internet age where new abbreviations are becoming popular up on a near daily basis making it hard to keep up to date with the latest lingo. Wordd is designed to aid you in your pursuit to be hip and in the know!

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