Alternative products to Acobot Lead Generation AI Chatbot

16 alternative and related products to Acobot Lead Generation AI Chatbot

Acobot Lead Generation AI Chatbot
Convert 50% more leads & sales from existing traffic. Free🙂
Acobot creates an AI chatbot for you so you don't have to.

The chatbot generates 50% more sales leads form your existing traffic.

It even outperforms live chat agents in lead generation.

All you need to do is provide your site URL.

16 Alternatives to Acobot Lead Generation AI Chatbot

Easily build chatbots to do anything, on any platform!

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
Super easy to create bots across a variety of channels, including Slack.
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
It remains consistently at the top - both on ProductHunt and in performance.
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
Ideal for business bots.
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Facebook recently announced that Messenger now has more than 1.3 billion monthly users, and according to Facebook's own research, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can contact via a chat app.
Artificial intelligence can help a chatbot answer a customer-service issue in a live chat, and a Naperville founder is hoping soon it can take your pizza order or answer basic questions about a business.
30 Alternatives to Motion AI

Free popup builder to turn your traffic into sales & leads

OptiMonk is a free conversion optimization tool that turns your traffic into sales and email/Messenger subscribers. It allows you to create, personalize and launch popups, sidebars, notification bars and fullscreens, without coding.

Judit Pal
Judit Pal- Marketing specialist obsessed with CRO
Here's an earlier article that shows how OptiMonk - as a B2B SaaS solution - uses their own product mainly for lead generation purposes:
Judit Pal
Judit Pal- Marketing specialist obsessed with CRO
You can turn website visitors into email or Messenger subscribers with fully-customizable on-site messages.
Judit Pal
Judit Pal- Marketing specialist obsessed with CRO
With OptiMonk's fully customizable popups you can show the right message to the right people at the right time - this laser-precise targeting will make your visitors happy.
6 Alternatives to OptiMonk 2.0

Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell- No-coder 👉
I built about 10 using this, don't know a single line of code and this was so easy to learn and set up. Mic drop.
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec- Front End Dev & Growth Intern @ Monday
I built 2 chatbots with Chatfuel. It's a powerful platform for building bots, I highly recommend it 🙏
Bill Stathopoulos
Bill Stathopoulos- Growth Strategist at GrowthRocks
I've used Chatfuel in multiple occassions. One of its most important advantages is that it's free, and that it allows you to build relatively complex customer interaction scenarios without ever touching any code. You only drag & drop elements inside the builder.
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Chatfuel will launch a new service next month for brands that want customized bots for conversational experiences. The company has created bots such as the popular Golden State Warriors bot, as well as for brands like Adidas and the New York Times.
43 Alternatives to Chatfuel for Messenger

Create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers

Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume Bardet- Working on
And here is one that seems more focused on Facebook
SpanMylife- One stop daily life management platform
Chatfuel also a very good platform to create chatbot. We in did a comparison between ManyChat and Chatfuel and found that both are quite good enough.
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
If you're looking for a tool to actually build the chatbot without having to write code, check out Chatfuel. You can create a Facebook bot really easily and for free by mapping out the flows.
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Chatfuel is expanding its Facebook Messenger chatbot creation platform by allowing users to link to external sources through plugins. This step makes Chatfuel's toolkit more valuable to those...
Chat bots are one of the hottest tech topics of the year. Inspired by trends from Asia, messaging apps like Telegram and Kik have adopted bots - automated accounts from third partners like publishers and brands - to serve users news, entertainment and other information inside the chat experience.
23 Alternatives to Chatfuel

I’m an AI chatbot created to send scammers a message.

Re:scam is an initiative aimed to help people from becoming fraud victims by occupying the time and resources of scammers through deploying a well-educated artificially intelligent chat-bot. Instead of junking or deleting a scam email, you can now forward it to Re:scam who will continue the conversation indefinitely!

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10451 points and 324 comments so far on reddit
​Email scammers work in bulk, blasting out tons of emails in the hopes of getting a few bites which they can follow up on.
IS THERE anything more annoying than getting one of those scam emails asking for your details so you claim the hundreds of thousands of dollars left to you from a passing relative? From bank customers being sent a fake notification telling them their 'payment was unsuccessful' to fraudulent Netflix account suspension alerts, email phishing scams are constant… See more
The Awesomer
We all hate email scams. Get your revenge on these hateful opportunists with Re:scam. This A.I. system simulates human behavior and pulls email scammers into endless and inane conversations to waste their time. Simply forward messages you hate to See more
The Spiceworks Community
I came across this video and it looks like a way to cause some mischief for spammers. Netsafe built a chatbot that will reply to scam emails and keep them busy spinning their w...
14 Alternatives to Re:scam

AI & ML base chatbots & live chat with video chat & cobrowse

A live chat software with video chat and remote co browsing within your website and mobile apps. Also tagove have inbuild profile management tools where you can manage all your sales and support inquiries to follow them with call, email and in-app message.

AI and ML based chatbots is ultimate feature that Tagove have where it automate lot of chats

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré- B2B SaaS Consultant
It still requires a subscription at $30 / per seat / per month.
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Tagove was recently named an award winner for Best Live Chat Software in 2017 by leading Digital Marketing Agency; Studio-40.Studio-40 is a leadin . .
11 Alternatives to Tagove

A free 24/7 AI Assistant for everyone in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing teams use Drift Assistant to automate all the digital busywork that gets in the way of focusing on customers—from managing your email replies to prepping notes for your next meeting. Now you can spend these reclaimed hours on the work that matters most.

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CRM Magazine
Drift, providers of a conversational marketing and sales platform, today announced Conversational Advertising, Drift Assistant, the acquisition of Siftrock, and partnerships with Marketo, Demandbase, and Outreach at its Hypergrowth user conference in Boston. "The last decade in B2B sales and marketing was all about the business following up later," said Davi… See more
Sales and marketing automation company Drift today announced the acquisition of Siftrock, a Seattle-based company that focuses on email reply management. Siftrock will continue to sell its standalone service, but the technology will also be used to power Drift Assistant for sales reps and marketers.
When you look back on the past decade of B2B sales and marketing, there's been one constant - one thing that buyers and businesses alike could count on, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year... Waiting. As B2B marketers and salespeople, we've been conditioned to make our buyers wait.
7 Alternatives to Drift Assistant

Create your own fun holographic AI assistant!

Create visual, fun and proactive AI assistants (like Alfred) with Sidekicks Co. They live inside our minimal hologram display. We want to humanize AI by breathing life into all the awesome characters you grew up with while helping to solve problems like autism, Alzheimer’s, loneliness and education. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with it!

8 Alternatives to Sidekicks Co.

Automagic lead generation & data collection through Slack

Gratify IM (Instant Match) is a new service by Gratify that generate leads and collects data for you. Just tell the bot how it can obtain the data that you need collected and the G team will begin collecting at a fixed rate of $1/row.

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Since its launch in 2013, Slack has had a major impact on the way offices communicate. While primarily known as an office messaging platform, a team has created a plugin called Gratify that will help companies reach outside of their workplaces to recruit freelance talent.
One of our favorite affordances of conversational UI is the opportunity to provide great user support directly through the interface. Gone are the days of separate ticketing systems and email threads with your users - with conversational UI, your support and sales teams can be integrated directly into the user experience of the product!
4 Alternatives to Gratify IM

An AI customer care chatbot that asks questions too

Carin is an AI customer care chatbot that you can start using today to significantly drive down your customer care costs. Carin can autonomously solve up to 80% of incoming support queries once she has been taught the basics, all with a single JS snippet added to your product, service or website.

10 Alternatives to Carin

A really-intelligent AI Assistant, in Spanish 🚀🤖

AVI GO is a super-intuitive, really-smart, AI Assistant that helps businesses hack growth by delivering superb customer experience, with the world's first Virtual Assistant platform in Spanish.

Seriously, there's no-one else doing what we do, 100% Latin American talent! 🇲🇽🇦🇷🇨🇱🇨🇷🇵🇪🇨🇴

Register today and be part of the AI revolution!

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Asistente Virtual Cognitiva
Repasemos rápidamente la jornada digital típica que una Pyme de nuestra región ha recorrido en los últimos años: Muy posiblemente inició desarrollando un sitio web para promocionar sus productos o servicios, inició publicando su número de teléfono, correo electrónico y quizá algún formulario de contacto.
Cognitiva -empresa dedicada a la consultoría y el desarrollo de soluciones de computación cognitiva e inteligencia artificial, único aliado estratégico de IBM para la comercialización de Watson en español - dio a conocer esta semana a AVI GO, su Asistente Virtual Inteligente disponible en una plataforma auto-servicio y sin costos de implementación.
AVI GO nuevo asistente virtual que facilitará el servicio al cliente de las pymes
AVI es un asistente automatizado y cognitivo que conversa con personas a través de canales digitales para responder las consultas más frecuentes De rápida instalación y pago por consumo, ahora pequeñas y medianas empresas de Latinoamérica tendrán acceso a esta tecnología exponencial Buenos Aires, Argentina, 16 de abril de 2018.-
Cognitiva -empresa dedicada a la consultoría y el desarrollo de soluciones de computación cognitiva e inteligencia artificial, aliado estratégico de IBM para la comercialización de Watson en español - dio a conocer a AVI GO, su Asistente Virtual Inteligente disponible en una plataforma auto-servicio y sin costos de implementación.
Revista ITNow
Cognitiva lanza su sistema automatizado y cognitivo capaz conversar con personas a través de canales digitales para responder las consultas más frecuentes. Este servicio es de rápida instalación y se paga por consumo. Conozca los detalles en la siguiente nota.
9 Alternatives to AVI GO
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