Alternative products to Abot 2.0 Slack Poll & Anonymous Messages

13 alternative and related products to Abot 2.0 Slack Poll & Anonymous Messages

Abot 2.0 Slack Poll & Anonymous Messages

Anonymous feedback and discussions for Slack Teams

Abot is a simple tool for providing anonymous feedback messages within your Slack team.

Whoever receives a feedback can reply to it without knowing who is the author. Slack team admins can customize the bot to prevent misuse of anonymous communication.

13 Alternatives to Abot 2.0 Slack Poll & Anonymous Messages

Anonymous peer feedback via Slack

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Speedback is built for anonymous peer reviews in Slack, which might work for your needs. Alternatively, you could create a simple Typeform form to poll and ask questions of your group but it won't be integrated in the way you're describing.
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Social platform for market research and validation

Spokk is a social platform that you can use to get your ideas, prototypes & creations validated from anyone you want through anonymous opinions. Unlike other tools, it gives you complete control over the anonymous data you receive. People can also build on each other’s opinions to reach an optimal solution.

(Hint - Validate your startup or idea)

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Using Spokk groups to get opinions from a selected set of people. Spokk is a social platform for validation and mass market research. To know more about what it is and how to use it, check it out here ...
A little birdie probably told you about Spokk, a new social platform to conduct market research and help validate yourself. You know how you've created something and always had doubt in the back of your mind whether it was good enough? Whether people would use this? How much they would pay for it?
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Report company violations anonymously from the Sarahah team

Enoff enables people to speak-out and report violations such as harassment cases and abuse in organizations that they are associated with. It's a safe haven to report these incidents while maintaining privacy.

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Sarahah, the anonymous messaging app founded in Saudi Arabia that became an unexpected viral sensation with teens, clocking up over 300 million registered users before getting banned by Apple and Google over bullying, is making a return to the App Store - but not as you might think. The start...
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