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A Web Whiteboard

Whiteboard with others in your browser, in real-time

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A real-time whiteboard for your team. No signups required.

Witeboard lets you create quick sketches on desktop, tablet, or phone in a few minutes and collaborate with your team real-time.

Just go to, make a quick sketch, grab a share link and send it to your co-worker. You don't need to install anything nor create an account.

It's the fastest way to collaborate real-time with your team.

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Sketchcase is a premium laptop skin that turns the empty space on your into a whiteboard. On the surface, Sketchcase uses a combination of anti-graffiti and scratch resistant materials to create the perfect whiteboard. Underneath is a premium vinyl that utilizes air egress technology to prevent air bubbles, making it very easy to install.

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Online whiteboard for visual collaboration

Sam Rye- Founder
Not quite sure how Mural hadn't already been suggested. The original online whiteboard, with a host of templates to get started with.
Sam Rye- Founder
Mural is also a great 'online whiteboard' option which has a wide number of 'canvases' for journey mapping, empathy mapping, lean canvas development and the likes.
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Anonymous real-time whiteboard with text and video chat.

Draw.Chat is free, anonymous, online drawing board. You can create your paint chat in one click - without any registration. Every whiteboard has a unique, randomly generated URL which you can send to other people to start a real-time collaboration.

You can use Draw.Chat for share and annotate Screenshots, Images, Maps and PDF's.

Rainbowchazersreviews is an innovative collaborative progressive web app, or PWA, which allows users to communicate in visual drawings as well as through text chat, audio, videos and by uploading files. Progressive web apps are technically normal web pages available through modern browsers such as Google Chrome, but they look more like something users would see on a mob… See more
Cada vez, con mayor frecuencia, encontramos en la web aplicaciones prácticamente tan potentes como las nativas de escritorio. Un camino de futuro, al que se acogió Google con Android y se está acogiendo Microsoft con Windows, con ejemplos con tanto potencial como Draw Chat.
WWWhat's new? - Aplicaciones, marketing y noticias en la web
Con frecuencia os recomendamos diferentes herramientas de gran utilidad para todos aquellos equipos de trabajo cuyos miembros se encuentran repartidos a lo largo de diferentes países o ciudades. Recientemente hemos descubierto DrawChat, una sala de chat con pizarra que resulta de lo más interesante para las reuniones en equipos de trabajo.
Siempre debemos tratar de mejorar, de alguna manera, nuestro nivel organizativo y productivo en función de cumplir metas, aquellas impuestas en el trabajo por un superior o aquellas que tengamos planteadas en nuestros proyectos personales. Algunas aplicaciones web nos ayudan a promover tal necesidad y otras que seguramente surgirán en el futuro.
Draw.Chat is a web app that provides an anonymous real-time whiteboard with text and video chat capabilities. Users can create their "paintchat" in just one click, without any registration. Every whiteboard has a unique, randomly generated URL, which can be sent to other people to...
ทุกครั้งที่เราคุยงานกับทีมหรือลูกค้าแบบออนไลน์ ภาพที่เราอยากได้คือ คุยกันแบบเห็นหน้า และใครเขียนบันทึกอะไรของตัวเอง คนอื่นก็สามารถรับรู้ไปได้พร้อมๆ กัน ฟังดูแล้วมันจะเป็นไปได้อย่างไร? เป็นไปได้สิ หากคุณลองใช้บริการของ Draw.Chat Draw.Chat คือเว็บไซต์ (ที่เปิดได้ทั้งบนคอมและมือถือ) ที่ช่วยให้คุณสร้างบทสนทนากับเพื่อนร่วมงานกับลูกค้าแบบออนไลน์ได้อย่างสมบูรณ์แบบ … See more
I Love Free Software
Draw.Chat is a free online collaborative Whiteboard with useful features like chat, video call, etc. You can use it to easily brainstorm and discuss ideas and issues with your colleagues, employees, teams, etc. by drawing on a Whiteboard. You get a digital canvas where you can draw with tools like pen, highlighter, mandala, shapes, etc.
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The best architecture & design tools on the web.

Bryck was made after seeing dozens of resource sites become available for programmers but none for architects, interior designers, and engineers. We need curated lists too!

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Realtime Board

Whiteboard. Finally in your browser.

Vladislav Sozonov- Creative designer
Is totally rock!
Harry Kaczka- Pro Poker Player, Coach, Human Sponge
Is downright dirty-versatile and comes with alll the templates. I can't remember if there is a site map board or not right now but great product regardless.
Randy Ellis- 5ivehat Founder | Instructor @GA_Chicago
Our team uses this one. Would give it's 30 day trial a try.
6 Alternatives to Realtime Board

Piktochart For Teams

A smarter way to collaborate for visually-driven teams

Piktochart for Teams provides an easy-to-use solution to create visuals in tandem with others, to have access to the same library of images and brand assets, and to also be able to comment and make rounds of revisions – just like in Google Docs. Solve the problem with dreaded "feedback loop" of endless email and Slack threads of requests!

Piktochart Infographics
We've just launched our collaborative design tool for groups! Called Piktochart for Teams, the tool will let you and your teammates work together on visuals, whether from the same office or asynchronously.
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What's the best app for brainstorming ideas?

Garros LiFounder @ Edusight | YC / IK12 alum
A Web Whiteboard - Whiteboard with others in your browser, in real-time
"This is literally an interactive whiteboard for mapping / brainstorming (like the real thing), but in your browser! It's really easy to use… See more
Conceptboard - Visual collaboration platform for marketing and remote teams
"I would suggest this one."
Realtime Board - Whiteboard. Finally in your browser.
"Our team uses this one. Would give it's 30 day trial a try."
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