Alternative products to A Sex Journal for Couples

7 alternative and related products to A Sex Journal for Couples

A Sex Journal for Couples

A simple tool for extraordinary sex

A Sex Journal for Couples is a beautiful, shared journal designed to give couples resources and space to reflect on and explore their sex life together.

7 Alternatives to A Sex Journal for Couples

An app that helps couples save for their goals

Honeyfi is a free app that helps couples spend and save better. Today Honeyfi is launching Goals, a feature to help couples save for anything from a vacation to a home. Just create a goal, choose a savings rules, and automatically save money toward your goal.

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6 Alternatives to Honeyfi

Mobile app for couples to improve sex.

Spicer improves couple's sex life. Both partners install Spicer on their phones and answer questions about sex. When both partners answer Yes or Maybe to the same question, it's displayed as Match. Matches are list of new sex ideas both partners want to try.

5 Alternatives to Spicer
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