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12 alternative and related products to 60 Seconds Everyday

60 Seconds Everyday
The fastest way of daily journaling
12 Alternatives to 60 Seconds Everyday

Get a call every night to record feedback on your day.

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Call Frank is very different from other diary apps. Once you signup, you set a time of day you want Frank to call you (yes, on your 📞). When you pickup the phone, talk and it will record the audio privately. It's a super simple way to record your diary audibly and in 60 seconds.
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The simplest, most effective way to be happier every day

Fadeke Adegbuyi
Fadeke Adegbuyi- Social Media & Content Marketing @Doist
This is an awesome tool to practice gratitude and mindfulness. It really shouldn't take you more than 2.5 minutes in the morning and 2.5 minutes in the afternoon to answer a set of questions that prime you for the day and let you reflect on how it unfolded.
John Ababseh
John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast
I like this app, super simple and easy to use!
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The Hustle
When I first heard about the Five Minute Journal, I thought it was a complete scam. Their website said this journal can "prime your brain" and "cultivate gratitude." But how can a journal make you happier? I've never used a physical journal to write down what I was feeling.
The Five Minute Journal app description claims it to be the simplest and most effective way to become happier in five minutes a day. Having used the physical journal for several months, I can definitely witness some positive changes in my life, which are ultimately making me happier.
39 Alternatives to Five Minute Journal App

Capture life as you live it.

Day One Version 3 is a major update to the foundation of the app text editor with redesigned shortcut menus for text formatting and adding content like photos and tags. Accompanying this update are two new Premium features, Dark Mode and Audio Recording.

Sahil Parikh
Sahil Parikh- Founder,
A very clean and well made app that just works!
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The Sweet Setup
There are a few apps on the iPhone and iPad that we consider cornerstone apps. Using 1Password to store all your most personal and sensitive information and passwords should be a must for iPhone users. Using productivity software like Things 3 to stay on top of all your tasks can make you infinitely more productive.
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12 Alternatives to Day One Version 3

The customisable journal app

Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan- CEO/Founder @emberify
You can customise it as much as you want. If you want something barebones, then Apple Notes
Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan- CEO/Founder @emberify
If you're looking for customisation, check out Journaly!
Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan- CEO/Founder @emberify
My team created Journaly to be a customisable journalling tool to keep track of your specific habits, mood and anything else that would matter to you.
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30 Alternatives to Journaly

Jour is a daily journal, guiding you towards self-care

Jour is here to help you feel your best, offering you both a place to jot down what's on your mind as well as guided Journeys, if you’d prefer an interactive, step-by-step approach to tackling a specific topic. All entires are encrypted for your eyes only.

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We think that beautiful things happen when people work together. So we assembled a community of people passionate about mental health and wellness to begin discussing and testing our ideas. We invited experts and aficionados and allowed the group to grow organically.
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7 Alternatives to Jour

Daily journaling cards that fit in your pocket

PurposeCards were designed to be the easiest and most convenient way to journal daily. Two-sided and the size of a credit card so you can take charge of your day from anywhere.
Complete one half during the day, the other half at night, and store in the box.

6 Alternatives to PurposeCards

An minimalistic journalling, diary app

#AppOfTheDay in over 80 countries
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#StartADigitalJournal in App Store
This is a minimalistic, clean diary app.
Card Diary makes journaling a simple, mindful and highly rewarding activity. -- APP OF THE DAY

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This application is to make your own diary having a card concept. You can write one diary for one day, and one card has a meaning as putting your daily life. This work is very interesting as the ...
This application is to make your own diary having a card concept. You can write one diary for one day, and one card has a meaning as putting your daily life. This work is very interesting as the meeting with Korean designer and Chinese developer. This d...
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6 Alternatives to Card Diary

Windows' best-rated journaling app arrives on Android

You always wanted to write a diary but your laziness said "no"? This app might be for you! It can include lots of information into your entries automatically, like pictures, walked steps, weather or social media activity. You can password-protect the app and sync the data with the corresponding Windows app.

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12 Alternatives to Diarium

Emotion tracking app.

Stoic. is one of the easiest ways to learn to cope with stress, journal your moods and feelings of fulfilment, all grounded upon the philosophy of Stoicism.
Stoic. is your daily companion for mood tracking, journaling, meditations, and reflection.

6 Alternatives to Stoic.
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