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17 alternative and related products to 5K Runner

5K Runner

Personal running coach for your pocket

17 Alternatives to 5K Runner

The story of your life that writes itself

Fabric is an effortless digital journal for the moments in your life. It captures the places you go, the people you meet, and the things you do. The latest version features an editable timeline, shared moments, and a search engine for your life.

Oh, and you can import your data from Moves before it shuts down! (

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Available in the App Store now Our lives are a collection of extraordinary narratives. First, there's the self-centered and straightforward story of yourself. It has one single protagonist who knows every part.
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Tweegenic1- Noble Investor
I use RunKeeper. I actually don't carry my iPhone with me when running (it bothers me), but I do when cycling. So when I run, RunKeeper lets me manually click through my route (on the web only currently); when cycling, it does a great job tracking my route. I find that having a record of all my runs motivates me to continue. I also tend to post my runs t… See more
Jack Dweck
Jack Dweck- Product Manager at Unroll.Me
I previously used Nike+ Run Club but moved over to Runkeeper because of its Gyroscope integration. Runkeeper allows you to track workouts, set goals, and see your progress over time.
21 Alternatives to Runkeeper Go

The world is your studio. Run with a virtual instructor.

Studio lets you enjoy boutique group running classes that pair the world’s best instructors with a killer playlist. Take class on a treadmill or outside at anytime that’s convenient for you. Compete in real-time on our leaderboard against runners from across the world. Earn Fitcoin with every class to level up and unlock prizes.

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The first voice-activated running app 🗣️🏃

Cyborg is the first voice-activated fitness platform featuring an activity assistant named Cy. Can can answer your questions while on the move!

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CONCORD, N.H., Aug. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- If you were asked who would be first to develop a voice-activated fitness platform, you may think Apple, Google, or Amazon. Cyborg, an activity-focused startup from the state's Capitol of Concord, launches their virtual activity assistant named "Cy
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Mobile Hearing Test and Therapy

Audio Cardio is a mobile app that aims to protect, maintain and strengthen your hearing using personalized frequencies based on your individual needs. Backed by science (and data), Audio Cardio allows you to listen to your favorite music while you receive your therapy.

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With the rise of portable devices and solutions for people to listen to music and other forms of audio, hearing problems are also affecting more and more people throughout the world. The prolonged usage of ear/headphones, sometimes with dangerously high volumes, is clearly one of the biggest reasons for this to happen.
Today we'd like to introduce you to Chris Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Audio Cardio. So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don't you give us some details about you and your story? Growing up in the Bay Area, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the brightest [...]
But how does it work? The app tests your current hearing and integrates with many of your favorite streaming apps like Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud to deliver auditory stimulation and training through headphones or earbuds. While you listen to your favorite music, the app simulates the inner ear cells causing them to rapidly fire.
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4 Alternatives to Audio Cardio

Running tracker application with GPS map and livestream mode

Awesome tracking application for runner. Records and analytics entry your activities with your phone GPS. Keep focus on your workout, all metric you can imagine await. Reach your goals and check your rank in world ranking or friend ranking. Easy to share your efforts with friends right in app.

Let your friends join your running in live-stream mode.

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Running is one of some outdoor activities that i'm very enjoyed in. It help me to burn all Calories i didn't need and give me a change to make new friends with many friendly runner in community.
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25 Alternatives to mRunner

Premium analytics for runners and cyclists

Scinder provides runners and cyclists with the most advanced stats and analysis on their activities

Our goal is to provide you with all the data you need to be able to train smarter and compete better.

6 Alternatives to Scinder

Personalized race day live tracking for runners 🏃‍♀️ is the world's first personalized race day live tracking that considers your very own time goal and calculates progression and predictions while you're running and lets your friend watch your progress.

🔧 setup a race and define your desired finishing time.

💬 share the link with your friends.

📱Start the app just before the race.

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Stefan Kracht
Update Aug 2019 It's been a while since this post. You can see the current state at or follow the twitter updates for recent information. The state of my current side project I call myself a runner and I do races pretty regularly.
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Audio coaching for runners 🎧🏃

Give your running extra speed, purpose and enjoyment with audio coaching from top running professionals. Eastnine is an online community of runners who want to go faster and further.

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Eastnine, a new fitness startup and app co-founded by London entrepreneur and investor Jason Goodman, is de-cloaking today, including disclosing that it has raised £2 million in seed funding. Leading the round is London-based LocalGlobe and Berlin-based Cherry Ventures, who are joined by a list of ...
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16 Alternatives to Eastnine
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