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500 Miles for Job Seekers

Discover breakout tech companies and get hired by them

3 Alternatives to 500 Miles for Job Seekers

Making the IT job search simpler and more effective

abhishek gupta
abhishek gupta- JS dev, Building Tech at
Available tech jobs plotted on map.
Mateusz Mucha
Mateusz Mucha- CEO, Omni Calculator
Amazing team, great product!
Ania Bywanis
Ania Bywanis- Co-founder @
Over 30.000 job offers for the tech crowd on one map. Fast search, good filters, beautiful UI. If you're looking for work - this is the place :)
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Compare career levels across software eng and other fields makes it easy to compare career ladder titles within a role (ex. ‘Senior Software Enineer)’, ‘Staff SWE’) and across companies (ex. Google vs. Facebook). Currently, we have Software Engineering, Product Management, and Investment Banking tracks. Let us know if you'd like to see a track added :)

Zuhayeer Musa
Zuhayeer Musa- student @cal building things
We built to help people compare career ladders across companies and determine the right career title + compensation :)
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Answer (1 of 2): Career levels for software engineers at Uber, Facebook, and Google all seem to be fairly similarly structured. Titles start at Software Engineer I at Uber, E3 at Facebook, and T3/SDE I at Google. has a great level by level comparison across all 3 companies.
Startups & Venture Capital
Super short article. When I moved to the Bay Area and switched companies, it took me a while to figure out how to map engineering job titles to experience levels. A friend pointed me at a helpful...
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